New Permagreen Glitch

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Runner, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Runner

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    A friend of mine just purchased a new Magnum today (his third), and already he is having to make some modifications to it. He said that when the sprayers are set from wide pattern to narrow pattern, the calibrations are a million mile off. It sprays WAY heavier on narrow than it does on wide. He also said that after ten years, you would think this company would hire someone who knows about spraying to help them design these things, because they must not have the first clue. The first ones of course, had all their troubles with the one holed hoppers that would never spread evenly. Then, they put a different hopper on, only the same thing. Now, they finally got smart enough to put a 3 hole hopper on (they could've figured this one out about 10 years ago), and they STILL don't get the spraying down. Another thing they could've improved. was the spraed/spray rate in accordance to the rpms. Because of this, when you come up onto the end of a row, or anywhwere you have to slow down, yuor spread pattern narrows, too, although the drop rate stays the same. Well, with the liquid, the opposite happens - you just get less spray. Anyway, back to the spray problem of this machine. If you run water through it, spray it on cement at wide, and say it takes maybe 30 seconds to dry. Then, spray a pass on narrow. It will take WAY longer to dry, up to a five minutes. This isn't even CLOSE to the same spray rate as the wide pattern. Also, on narrow, they have it set to where it only sprays between the wheels, rather than offset to the side a bit. This makes no sense. It is when you only want to spray curbedges and along flowerbeds that you would be mainly using the narrow width setting. He said he'll be changing that, too.
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    I was talking with my Lesco dealer which sold 8 so far and he said non came back or heard any problems with them yet. Though can see your point on curbside spraying.
  3. NattyLawn

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    I found the same problem today trying to calibrate the spray patterns. Another thing I ran into is we're getting the same spray rate regardless if I'm in high or low gear. According to the manual, it should come out about 1/3 less on low gear, but it's not.
  4. NattyLawn

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    What we did today is run the trim nozzles with one on, not both...You can adjust it so the spray pattern is just about even on both sides, at half the rate you would dump down normally.
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    Typical Permagreen....Junk!
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    It seems to me if you are spending $5500 on a piece of equipment it should work!! Its always the same story with every model that Permagreen releases...When it comes time for me to purchase a ride on unit, I know what company I will contact first. I can't afford to have equipment failures especially during busy times of the year! I have heard enough about all the bugs with these machines! All PG owners, I wish you the best of luck and enjoy the rest of your season. I thing I will say is that its nice to read about the problems, rather than experiencing them for myself. ;)
  7. FINN

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    Has anyone contacted Permagreen with the issues mentioned in this thread? I'd like to know if you have and what was the response or solution.

  8. NattyLawn

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    Me being an idiot, didn't read the manual concerning the spray nozzles and assumed they were like the previous Centri's and Ultra's. There are two broadcast and two trim nozzles. One for low gear, and one for drive, which are marked L and D on the Magnum. Well, you don't have both of them on at the same time, which would fix my calibration problem , and the one Runners friend has. I apologize for posting a problem, when it was my mistake the whole time. :realmad:
  9. LwnmwrMan22

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    This is the second year running the Ultra, only problem I've had is the starter's fuse keeps blowing out.

    Other than that, nothing.

    Granted I'm not doing 20,000,000 sq ft with mine or anything, but I believe it's with anything, you're going to have problems with them when you're using corrosive materials.

    Every TG/CL guy I see running with these things now instead of dragging the hose.
  10. Runner

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    That takes care of Natty's problem, but the situation my friend has is still existent on his and all the new units. The calibration is way off.

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