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New pipe for main water services


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I wanted to make some of yo aware of a new, or relativley new pipe out on the market. It is called "Wirsbo Aquaplex."

Typically, this is used in slabs so if they crack, the pipe won't. Lately, plumbers have been using this for water services, and, if they do not leave a "T" for you to hook your mains up, it is then up to you to break into it and t off...The issue is that you need special fittings to adapt it to PVC, or Poly pipe, and not only are thos efittings obnoxiously expensive, you need an $1,800.00 pipe expander to install the fittings.

Now, I don;ty know about you, but there ain't no way I am going to drop $1800.00 on a tool that I would not use very often, which, leaves you a plumber who has one to install for you.

The issue here is that is a $350.00 charge, a ligitimate add on, however, some homeowners may hold you to your price and you have to eat that...
As a precaution, we have rewordrd our contracts so we don't have to eat that charge..


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I could not find th tool on the site, I ended up calling the factory rep and told him what i needed. Then, after he gave me the part numbers, he referred me to a supplier. They have all the prices, and as I am told, you have to take a class and get certified in order to use this machine. We had to do the same thing for the poly high pressure gas pipe in order to fuse the ends to carbon fiber threaded pipe so it can adapt to appliances...

Until this pipe becomes so popular that it is about all that is used, I'm not dropping $1,800.00 on this machine, and hopefully by the time it does, the cost of the thing will have gone down!