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New Pistol Grips for exmark

Acute Cut

LawnSite Senior Member
Bellingham WA
I contacted Exmark the other day about thier new pistol grips. They promptly replied to my querry. They will have an upgrade kit available for the older models sometime in march or april they think. Just keepin yall informed.

Acute Cut


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
Hope Scag comes out with something like that! My forearms are gonna be bigger than Popeyes since having to put the larger springs on my hydro to pull my sulky. :)

Ahem....Scag Mfg....are you listening???

Turf Kutter

LawnSite Member
Cutter1 gave it to me. He went to his dealer and the dealer had that poster I guess then he scanned it and sent to me e-mail then I put it up on my site and linked it to here.
That hydro looks pretty cool.I call it pilot control grips:D.


LawnSite Bronze Member
It's from their new brochure.

I scanned, clipped and e-mailed it to him. (That's why it's so huge, I don't know how to make the little scans.)

I thought you were the "Cutter" I sent it to.


LawnSite Gold Member
with those upturned handles I'll bet you can really get your knuckles whacked good by passing too close to things!


(edited to correct spelling error)


LawnSite Member
I tried out those handles for exmark, and the dam things kept on cutting-out as I would take it up small hills. The Safety mechinism does not have enough human downforce to keep from stalling the engine. I will have fun laughing in the face of thier jackleged engineers if they intend to produced this pistol grip. Let you guys be warned.