New plant hardiness zones

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by unit28, Feb 17, 2012.

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    GIS {interactive} based for the new map of the plant hardiness zones, established via USDA.

    I'm in 3b-4a, yeah we water lawns with only .01" pr week

    Data sets from thousands of observation points and a little inclusive extrapolation. Unfortunanly the newest data concludes @ 2005.

    Obviously we can't supercede seasonal averages of climate influences for establishing this particular type of map, but the data seems to be lacking
    some of the more dramatic climate changes observed since 2005.
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    Thanks. I was caught off guard because this is so relevant.
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    Relevant in how we look at disorganized climatic changes?

    Coming from a warm climate area to cooler atmospheric conditions I can say irrigation work has been very slooooow. Although we did set a record for an extreme tropical anomally last year in MN. 88 dew points with a heat index of 119..crazy.

    In regards to the change in Plant hardiness zones maybe I should have respectfully added a few snippets.

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    Relevant because it pertains to knowledge we should have as irrigators. Mostly what gets posted here is a rehash of previous threads that could have been answered with a simple search. Nice to see some new information.
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    Not really sure what this has to do with irrigation, but it is good for selecting plant materials appropriate for a particular region.

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    In studying it a little closer DFW isn't divided by 2 hardiness zones. My recollection of previous maps had a zone line running right through them.

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