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I just got finished plantings some eounymus at the restaraunt I work at on saturday. It has been in the 30's lately and tonight I saw that the weather beginning wednesday will drop and by the end of the week the high is supposed to be 25. Do I have anything to be concerned about? If they could die, what can I do to try and protect them?


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Give them a heavier than normal layer of mulch to help keep the root zone warmer. Then in the spring remove the excess mulch to make it a normal layer. Protect them from wind (and its wind chill factor) if possible. Hopefully others may have other ideas. Good luck.


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Mulching definitely and if they are evergreen spray with anti-desiccant. This will help them retain water and not dry out in the cold wind. You can either call a tree co. and sub it or you could purchase ready to use containers and apply your self. They will probably need two to three treatments.


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One of the factors that cause cold damage in plants is lack of water. The wind pulls the available water out of the foliage and leaves it susceptable to more damage. I would make sure they are watered well and like the previous post stated mulch heavily and try to protect them from wind. Euonymus are very prone to scale, not a good plant in my opinion, so remove excess mulch and monitor.