New! Please help me price this mulching job!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by NewLawns, Apr 17, 2013.

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    I still think you are under by about a thousand dollars. Obviously you are in an area where either the market is weak or other landscapers are driving down prices. I see it like this..
    Mulch cost+Labor+markup+Delivery=$3500
    Rock and delivery=$110
    Edging and spraying around trees=$600
    Grass Killer=$100
    Final Cleanup=$100

    Total $5130

    Thats where my prices would be at. And did he mention the coupon or not? If not, then no discount. Sounds like a large property too. May way to rent a front end loader to help out and that means rental and fuel costs, but reduced overall labor time. Good luck
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    ^^^ Im with him. For a nightmare of a job like that your gonna want to have plenty of labor in there. Weeding is a pain in the asss and moving stone around by hand is not easy especially stones like riverbed rock, etc. Use a tractor or skidsteer if possible to save time.
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    Where you at in pa? This isnt your customer.....Remember...they want great service and order for you to provide them with that.....they must pay a life sustaining wage! Im in pa as well(southwest). I would just shake this mans hand and tell him to flag down a couple of people working out of there pickup....good luck and stand your too many jobs @ this price and you will be searching for a new job....

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