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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Machine Mowing, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Green Machine Mowing

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    ive only run a gallon of the freaking husqvarna oil through my new echo and the plug has quite abit of buildup on it. not on the gap, but the round part just below the threads. Switching to amsoil, should eliminate that B.S.

    Anyways im going to replace my plug, is there an advantage to getting one of the fancy plugs with 2, or 4 gaps?? will my ignition even have the cahones to make 4 sparks at once?? or am i best to just get a good, old fashoned plug?? thanks for your insite

    ECHO4LIFE LawnSite Member
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    make sure and run the suggested NGK plug for the ECHO products. Each individual plug has a seperate heat range, which will cause excessive carbon buildup if the heat range is too low. Run ECHO with the ECHO oil. It has the high rating of FD.
  3. Green Machine Mowing

    Green Machine Mowing LawnSite Senior Member
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    no where to get the echo oil here, id hafta order it in, i got a trial with my trimmer and didnt perticulary care for it. acculy now i think of it the gallon i ran through it was the echo trial oil:confused:

    What is a rating of FD?
  4. Richard Martin

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    Amsoil is FD rated too so don't worry about that. Mix your Amsoil up at 80:1 and your plug problems will disappear.

    The 2 or 4 gap plugs don't produce 2 or 4 sparks. They produce one spark on whichever electrode provides the least resistance at that instant. Just use a regular plug.
  5. Green Machine Mowing

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    so why in the world do people spend the extra money on them?? it seems to me that one is going to have a smaller gap then the rest and spark all of the time. making it an expensive regular 'ol spark plug
  6. woodman55

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    Try the stihl HP ULTRA. I run that in everything I have and it is by far the best oil i've ran, and i've tried em all. It's a clean burning full synthetic that works well in my echo trimmers.
  7. milo

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    wait? how was it running? if its running fine nothing wrong with it, you know you can change how a plug looks if you turn it off at full throttle compaired to letting idle. if its a tiny moist thats great then, if its black carbon then its just because of how your running it. its not the oil. u can run husqvarna oil at 20 to 1 and have no problem. people have no clue.:hammerhead:
  8. Richard Martin

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    I don't know. I've been running plain old spark plugs, usually Champion, for more decades than most members here at Lawnsite have been alive with zero inclination to look for a "better" spark plug.

    It's probably a case of most people start looking for a "better" spark plug when they have problems with the brand and type of plug that they're currently using. But in nearly every case the problems they're having are the fault of something else whether it's compression, coil, carb, fuel, oil, timeing etc.
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  10. SouthSide Cutter

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    Dont run anything but Autolite plugs. Run Amsoil and 94 oct gas with Seafoam. Dont have no trouble. Before I Ran Ciitgo in my 250 Yam boat mtr and my lawn equip. It would foul the plugs and had a lot of carbon in prop and trimmer plugs looked like chit. Went to same mix in boat but only 87 oct and it cleared up also. Amsoil and Seafoam!!!!!!

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