new plugr comming out

The mayor

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East Troy Wi
Hold out on buying that new plugr. They will be comming out with the pl850. Same size as the 800 but will be hydro. I didn't get a price yet.


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Aerators are so expensive to buy for the little use they get i see these at an item to rent. If it can pay for itself in one year then buy it but that is a lot of aerating.


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LonniesLawns said:
Aerators pay for themselves in less than 1 year -- EASY.

3000.00 ould be made with abou 40 1/4 acre yards -- 5 days worth. I make about 8k a year aerating. Small amount of time -- big money!
It is great that you make that much. I don't get much areation jobs for my minimum of $75. Some guy in my area does it for $50.