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    Well Im not joking on this one folks people around here use diesel fuel to kill weeds and anti-freeze to kill unwanted pest....Just makes ya wanna go get a drink from the well! So any education is better than none! It can always be worse!
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    Do you really think someone that stupid could pass any kind of test? In MI we lock up people like that, not licence them.

    Jim L
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    I have one question if i can not do any application for my company till i am certified and all that other stuff and i can not even subcontract out what can i do!! i have 10,000 fliers made up and i can not just white out all of them! Why do i need to be certified if i am subcontracting my work out!?
  4. greens1

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    I am not certain about fertilizer, but for pesticide I must explain to my customers what is being applied and have them sign a waiver that states they will not go onto the area untill the reentry period has expired. As a sub this would be difficult to accomplish. I inform my customers anyway so the waiver was no problem. You might want to call the local Ag department and see if there is a grandfather clause regarding your flyers. Since you allready had them printed you may be able to send them out as is, and then refer the customer. You may be able to set up a referal fee based on percentage with your local CPA.
    Good Luck,
    Jim L

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