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    Below is the before picture of the area where the pond will be. The pond will be 14 by 14 with about 15 linear feet of stream. Cal mag drive 5200gph pump and all Atlantic components. The stone will be 8" to 30" river rock. Tomorrow I will post the end day 1 pics.


    Gowan before pic.jpg
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    I expect to have my shovel back by the end of the week! I have 2 blue metal spades just like that. They are the greatest until you hit a rock.

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    Here is the finished product at the end of day 2. There is still a little landscaping to be done but the client has not decided on the specifics yet.




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    I would recommend that you use some larger stone in your ratio calculations. This would help breakup the 'pearl necklace' and give the stream some twist and turns instead of a straight shot.

    Just my .02, nice job though
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    im not feeling that at ALL.
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    i think that it looks really good. i bet the customer was very happy with it. one thing we ALL need to remember is that the customer is the one who says yea or nea. i bet that is exactlly what the customer wanted and you gave it to them. great job brother!!!!
    hey tr, my phone got stolen at a job site and i lost your cell number. you should privit message me with it again.

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