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***New pond, need advice***


LawnSite Member
Hello, I have learned a lot by checking out the numerous threads but now I need some specific advice. I am redoing a pond in my parents backyard that I did about 7 years ago (with less knowledge than I have now). The pond is 14.5' x 12' x 2'. What I need is for you more experienced users to take a look at the equipment I am planning on using and let me know if there are any major problems that I may be about to create.

The first question that I have is is it possible to circulate a pond too much?Based on internet calculators the pond will be roughly 2,600 gal. I know that you want to circulate the entire volume at least once an hour, but would a pump that has a max gph of approx 6,000 gal be counter productive and cause problems.

Here is a list of the equipment I plan to use:

Pump- Dolphin Amp Master ES series ES3500 or ES5500 (depending on the answer of the above question)

Bottom Drain- 3" or 4" (I am not sure which one. I would think that the 4" would be better but then is one enough)

Mixing Eductor- (How many is optimal?)

Skimmer- Atlantic PS4500

Waterfall- BF1250

Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can give me.


LawnSite Member
Abbotsford BC
I have a 100' water feature which includes an 85' stream flowing into a 16x14' pond. I can't speak for all the equipment you have listed but I would suggest you consider an ultra violet light in the system as well to ensure very clear water,.....my experience anyway. I remove mine during the winter when the water temp drops below 45 or so but it works wonders in the summer when the sun is doing it's best to green up the pond.