New Porous Concrete Paver -- need your help!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by joe hagerman, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. joe hagerman

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    I'm investigating producing a new type of porous/permeable concrete paver, but I want to get some feedback from the industry that has been using these types of pavers for years.

    Each paver is 1 sqft (12"x12") with a weight of 7-9lbs/paver. The installation is the same as traditional concrete paver. However, the paver comes installed with an inner core that allows water to pass through.

    This type of paver helps storm water management and has the potential to preprocess water passing through it to remove/contain any type of oil or liquid containments passing through it.

    I'm interested in knowing from everyone if there is a market for this type of product in your opinion, what competitors I should look at, and what the paver's target cost should be to be competitive with other pavers.

    Right now I think this paver is most like Grasscrete's Grassblock:

    Thank you for your help.

  2. equipment_lister

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    I have only seen this type of pavers at golf courses usually where there are high traffic and would create a mud hole from golf carts when they leave the path. Looks pretty specialized I would go with somthing that has a larger market.
  3. landscapingpoolguy

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    Its a more enviromentally friendly paver, basically designed to allow grass to grow in the openings. for some people that do not want the fully paved look but need a solid surface for traffic.
  4. joe hagerman

    joe hagerman LawnSite Member
    from South
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    Is there a market for these pavers -- i.e. would people want these instead of concrete/regular pavers?

    Also, what price would you set for this type of paver?

    Thanks, JOE.
  5. cgland

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    EP Henry has a permeable paver that allows water to pass through. Although I think your idea is slightly different. What happens when this core becomes "clogged" with dirt, oil, etc.? Will it still allow water to pass? or will it become the same as a regular paver? Check out


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