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New Post-it-Note


LawnSite Member
Minneapolis, MN
Another new guy here. I've been doing my own rental property lawns for 2 seasons and am ready to expand to full time. Equipment as follows......

-48" Toro Walk behind

-Echo Backpack Blower

-Echo Trimmer

-21" Toro

-14" open landscape trailer

My first attack at marketing will be 4000 post-it-notes stuck on doors in a very confined area surrounding my 5 rental units. Most of the homes have 1/5acre lots with no fences and very few obstacles. My goal is to get several accounts within a few blocks of each property.

Can I get some critique on my flyer????


Tim in MN


Matts lawn care

LawnSite Senior Member
I would get rid of the reel mower and put in a picture of a tree or a landscape.
For the free spring clean up, what if someone has yard that has not been cleaned up for years?


LawnSite Member
hampton bays, ny
I also put most small yards start at $25 but i defintiely wouldnt offer to do a free clean up the clean ups are usually hard work and id charge atleast $100-200 for a cleanup.

$25 start is good to get attention and then charge them extra $5-10 for offering weedbacking and blowing.


LawnSite Member
Minneapolis, MN
I really don't want to do the up-sell thing and I sure don't want to low-ball either. I'm looking to extend a great incentive to get a customer for life. I was figuring a quick Spring (not Fall) cleanup would be around $50. Isn't that the same as 5% or 10% off for the season?

These lots are quick. I'm in and out in 15-20 minutes.


LawnSite Member
That would be equal to one or two mows as far as dollar amounts. People are brutal and want everything for nothing so I can see where you are going with this. However, for every brutal customer there is a good one out there that just wants a good job done too. Sell your service, do a good job, and the phone will ring. Word of mouth, friends, family, families friends, and patience really help.