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New postcard...what do ya think?


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those are nice. Who did the design? What is the cost per postcard?


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New Jersey

are you a franchise? I saw that same logo and name on the side of a landscaping truck the other day here in South Jersey? I am assuming you are incorporated? I guess someone else is building on your name.......:confused:


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That is a really impressive post card WT! Who did those for you and how much were they?



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Very Nice... They have a very professional clean look to them. Great color choice and good layout, everything is very easy to read and it all flows together very well. I would hire you just based on the look of the post-card. You should get some nice responce from them. Great job...


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You can contact Shawn at imdesigngroup@yahoo.com if you are interested in getting a design for yourself. Please tell him that "Progressive" sent you. He is a great to work with. He can design a logo for you also. As far as the cost, he is very reasonable, but I am not sure. This is the first proof. He was under the impression that I only wanted one side done. I emailed him and told him that I wanted full color, both sides. I am guessing, and only a guess that the final cost will be between $60 and $100. Like us, he charges by the hour. Just get with him and talk to him about pricing.

Aproct, that is my name and I had the logo spicifically designed for me. There are past threads on that a about a year and a half ago.

Mac, I would like most of the text moved to the back and some kind of headline on the front. I wish I would have contacted this gentleman last fall. This would have been a great yellow page ad. The one Feist designed for me, for lack of a better word, sucks! That is my fault though for getting around so late.

I am going through www.postcardwarehouse.com for the mailing list, printing and delivery (mailing). The cost is $1875 for all that. I will never even touch a thing and everything done over the computer or phone. To just have them printed, is $299 for 5000, full color, UV coated. Both these are professional outfits and I will highly recommend them both.

Oh yea, don't forget to tell them Progressive sent ya.
Any other questions....fire away!