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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mike-N-His mower, May 18, 2007.

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    My son did lawns last Summer, now he's in sckool and the mower is here. My 2nd Honda broke again, out of warranty of course!!!! So I've started using his Encore Premier 32". Motor is a B&S 12Horse. Belt drive.

    The mower cost me nothing but this belt drive is some what annoying and having to 'lever' the speed SUCKS... I took out one neighbors plant -a little one- and hit a light pole, and nearly hit my BELOVED FORD 4X4....

    But has a fantastic cut and cut's the grass just great...better than my throw-away-hondas!


    My question is:

    I want to upgrade to an Encore 36", Hydro, 15HP,Kawasaki motor, and get the following accessories: mulcher and a 'sulky' you stand on and a floating deck model...

    I've book-compared Toro models and Encore models; Encore does not have the BIG name; options are same but Encore is considerably less. The Encore I have now is built like a tank....

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    look on ebay for a 36" mower, i believ that you can get a used mower cheaper that will do the same thing as a new one. If going used dont lok for one name look at all options. it may cost a few for sulky and mulcher but you problly expected it to. look for homerower use one. it semms the Por one are more beat up
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    i dont know what you should do i personnaly would look for a used by a homeower but that is just my oponion

    If you like a New machine then go with taht. post above explains more.

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