New Pressure Washer have a few ?'s

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by stansoph, May 26, 2012.

  1. stansoph

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    I got a new washer---Honda GX390 13hp with a Comet AW K-4040 pump. Machine is rated for 4K psi and 4.0gpm.

    I bought a 4k-5k psi turbo nozzle $100 so it is a good unit. I have an older turbo nozzle that is either 2500 or 3000psi.

    Pump has an unloader and variable pressure. Can I run the smaller nozzle at full pressure? Do I need to adjust the pressure for the smaller nozzle? Should I not run the smaller nozzle at all?

    I briefly ran the smaller nozzle while washing my driveway and it cleaned well and used a lot less water in the process---the other nozzle works great but it uses a ton of water.

    Any thought or ideas? Pump doesnt have a pressure gauge---any rec's for a good one?

  2. stansoph

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    In addition to the above post--I am a LCO and use this for washing my mowers, etc. The only reason I got this big of a machine was it was only $300. more than the Honda GX200 at 2500psi and 3.0 gpm.

    Bigger is better, right?
  3. Doug Rucker

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    My Advice is call Paul at and ask him. 855.351.9274 He will guide you in the right direction.

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