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Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by Gravely Commercial, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. NMS0219

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    wow what a crap dealer. I got about 50 hours on my new 52". Only problem I had was the nuts that attach the deck to lift came loose. Easy fix just put on another nut to jam it in place. Love the speed alot faster than the old machine. Oh and so smooth to run. the new drive system is awesome. Only thing that sucks is NO fuel gage. Kinda hard to see whats in the tank with the angle its at.
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    Because I am a decent guy, I will give the machine one fair observation. The hydros and steering levers worked like butter. The only good part of the machine I noticed. It seems your engineers and R&D did a spectacular job on the hydros and steering but failed miserably in a lot of other places.

    NMS0219 did you actually verify the speed of the machine? I'll agree with you on the steering and hydros. Just awesome! You shouldn't have to jerry rig any parts on your new machine. That is an immediate fail from Gravely. If they want to test the machine for a year and make noticeable changes before they bring it to market they should. I'm not paying 8 grand to be a test subject.
  3. NMS0219

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    The speed was verified using a laser gun. ( thanks Cheektowaga Police :waving: ). Got 9 mph on the gun. As for the deck fix that was the dealers fault when doing the inital set up. They never put the other nuts on.
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    Sounds to me from the appearance of the machine (oil all over) you are dealing w/ a substandard dealer as you are sure to know that new product doesn't arrive dirty and broken. I wouldn't have wasted my time w/ that kind of dealer...move on to a more professional outfit. I demo'ed a 'new' pro-stance about a month ago and thought it was cool; everything ran fine and it appeared built well. No smoke, no dirt, no broken parts. I guess I'd just rather sit....that's the lazy side of me....comes from my mother's side.
  5. CreativeLawns2T2

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    wow very detailed report, ashame initial experience so negative. i have been very pleased with my new ProStance. like you said, very smooth performance.

    not sure how much mechanical experience you have, sounds like an engine oil leak, was smoke coming off muffler or out of it?

    as to speed issue, I have yet to open my speed bar to full. just too fast for my guys. we run about 75 to 80%. you think leaking engine oil may have coated drive belt?

    you never said what you decided to buy, but if you havn't spent ur 8k i suggest u look for another dealer and take a second look, this is great unit.

    also foot lift you could not find; it has a bracket that holds it up for storage, just reach down on left side and release it.

    hope this helps
  6. mowers1

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    We have 2 of the "new" prostance 52" units, got them at the end of May - will be adding a 3rd. been a great unit for us - no down time guys like em better than the old standers and toro's we had.
    we will get 1 more before the fall leaves hit. Will get the Kohler EFI unit on the next one - gas is $$ -
    Biggest thing the guys like is the flip up and mow platform, they get through the soft spots now and dont ever use the walk behind in the trailer!
    no problems with our dealer - thats the biggest thing for us, finding the right place that knows what they are doing.
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    BZZZZZ wrong. Plenty of times I have unpacked new machines to find leaks or other hidden damage or even dirt if the packaging had let some in.

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