New Product called Holganix. Can someone confirm.

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by replenish&subdue, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. replenish&subdue

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    The product includes Compost tea (derived from humates,plant compost,sea shells,selected yeasts,algae,mycorrhizae),High Frustose corn syrup 55,Age Old Soluble Mycorrhizae,Mollasses, Yucca,and Tea tree oil.
    They say it is compatible with several chemical;s that they mention and tested. It can reduce herbacide rates,reduce fungus and disease naturally,reduce need for lime.
    What is different I see is the ability to mix with a chemical program,not so expensive,reduce chemical costs (for example it opens the stomata more so 2-4D can be reduced 15-20% rate,no need to add surfactants) and it probably will help in less fungus problems as well as add microbes to soil.
    And then that nitrates and phosphates can be reduced they say up to 90%.
    Well,I hope someone more apt can tell if it is a product worth considering. I meet them at the Turf expo in Louisville.Seems like he has put years (26 yrs. if not mistaken in developing it.
  2. Kiril

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    IMO, Looks to me like just another "miracle" organic product that has no hope of ever substantiating the claims it makes.
  3. ICT Bill

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    I knew there was a place we could use high fructose corn syrup

    I've never used it and could not comment
  4. turf hokie

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    I was given a package of information regarding their products.

    I was not impressed, IMHO, based on the literature and marketing plan, they do not come off as reputable. Major errors just in spelling etc in the booklet. I figure if they cant spell what they are selling then how good can it really be?

    It appears that they are trying to market an all natural approach but are selling no more than a bridge program, I dont appreciate when someone markets all natural fertilizers, save the earth etc and then tell you to use 2-4d, dimension, etc.

    I have not tried it, nor will I, just based on the marketing info I was given, very unprofessional and not impressed at all.

    I agree with Kiril....2x in a week....uh-oh.:waving:
  5. replenish&subdue

    replenish&subdue LawnSite Senior Member
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    If (time may tell) they do work with chemicals it could be a worthy product.
    I am settled for now that until the organic side comes out with a better,affordable,practical alternative than corn glutton for a pre-emerge than I will continue to include in my "organic" plus program the chemical prodiamine. I don't think we should so quickly throw out the baby with the bath water.
    I have asked some whom I know some of you regard as highly respected organic turf specialists the question,"What harmful effect does Prodiamine have on the soil,environment or people?" and they simply don't have an answer.
    As for my lawn,I will be going on my third year in the deep south without chemicals and a practically weed free lawn.(corn glutten and green guardian)
    I use a lot of cotton burr compost spread with an earth and turf topdresser on my clients,plus the organic sprays(tea,seaweed,...).
    I no longer treat for fungus with fungicides but sucessfully cure rust,brown path and even fairy ring. The exception is for the first time since doing this work (1989) have a yard with Take All Patch and because the quick devastating nature used Headway.
    Soo,I hope not everyone comes by only to take a punch at Holganix,although I understand Kiril's point and respect her opinion above most.
  6. starry night

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    A lot has been said about Kiril but I think this is a first. :laugh:
  7. starry night

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    re and sub: So are you using pre-emergent on your own lawn? I don't like pre in any form (even corn gluten) applied in Spring because I believe it inhibits root growth of the grass plants at a time when they should be optimizing growth. A thick stand of grass prevents most weeds.

    Edit: Sorry I notice that you do use corn gluten on your own lawn. So do you use it on customer's lawns?
  8. replenish&subdue

    replenish&subdue LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a bermuda and zoysia lawn and use corn glutten in the spring.With bermuda especially it is hardly possible to control grassy weeds in the south where the summers are hotter/longer and if you do even in zoysia it is because all of the conditions are right.I am surprised myself the control I have with the corn glutten.
    I don't use it on my customers because it is not practical to apply,it is expensive and not effective without the soil first being conditioned and even then takes two or three years before reaches optimum.
    On the organic only lawns I have used green guardian which brought excellent results (topdressed also with cotton burr compost) but I made a math calculation error and realized it is too expensive. My "organic" customers are all ok with me now(started in fall) use two pre-m's a year.
  9. starry night

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    My mistake in not noticing you were in the South. From what I've read here on Lawnsite, it seems the southern grasses are more problematic than my cool season grasses. But then maybe I'm just more familiar with northern conditions
    and take their challenges for granted,
  10. replenish&subdue

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    That is the point I failed to make. Fescue and zoysia yards are easier to maintain organically. I do about 100 tall fescue yards here and that is because the area I service has a lot of trees.Most of my yards are bermuda/zoysia. We just don't grow fescue in the sun like they can do in Nashville,Kentucky on up.Our summers have relentless day and night temps. and our summers last longer. You also have to look hard to find anywhere to get NOFA points around here to keep your certificate (if you know what I mean). I see organic companies come and go in the same year. I feel I have found a balance that works but sorry to say it is not cool with organic head people up north.
    We can work around phosphorus and 2-4D but we need our Pre-M.

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