New Product called Holganix. Can someone confirm.

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by replenish&subdue, Nov 11, 2010.

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    I am trying it....I know, I know even after my previous posts....

    One of my sales reps jumped ship and after speaking with him and meeting with one of the owner of Holganix. I get a better perspective on the product and saw first hand what the issues were with the initial exposure I had with the product were.

    I dont have pics, but I could give you pics of lawns that are perfect and lawns that are a mess, both on the same program. As I am sure most of you could as well....

    I want to get thru the whole season before I start commenting on the pros and cons etc....

    But I have over 200 houses that have holganix being used on them, that being said, I am mixing it with N, started the year with urea, but switched to a liquid slow release this round, I hate having a 200 gallon tank full of mixed fert and I got tired of melting the urea, I like to mix on the on the fly. It gives me more flexibity when I get to each stop. I am also using my regular weed controls, but at their recommended reduced rates, but spot treating out of hand sprayers as much as I can.

    I will report back when I am comfortable with what I have/have not seen. I have formed some opinions already....

    Hopefully I am not the only one out there trying it.
  2. replenish&subdue

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    I have been using Holganix this year up to now where i switched to SumaGreen for the purpose of comparing. I have about 300 lawns that I treated it on 3 applications. I also used SumaGreen on shrubs mixed with insecticide. I too will have a report after the dust settles and I can see the results.

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    how did it all work out?
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    Sounds like waste from a beverage bottler with a few items tossed in to make it sound like it was custom made for the garden.
  5. replenish&subdue

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    I used Holganix this year in combination with the second pre-emerge in April and two of my fertilizations. My third fertilizer I used SumaGreen and also used SumaGreen on some newly seeded fescue lawns. Most of my lawns are zoysia then bermuda then fescue.
    I also used Holganix on my shrub sprays combined with insecticide.
    Our area experienced the worst drought since I don't know when but certainly since I moved here in 1989.
    I am confident Holganix is a good product. My customers shrubs were noticeably healthier and that in a stressful year. Holganix also kept up on the lawns with the exception of some which I went back to apply Lesco fertilizer but they were few among the many. Since it is an organic product there will be that hit and miss due mainly to soil health. Know that I added a small amount of nitrogen and a product called StayN to keep the nitrogen from dissipating. I didn't lose money although Holganix is expensive because I combined treatments allowing less labor costs. I also reduced chemical,pre-emerge use by 30% and urea by 80%.
    I had the most disease in zoysia this year due to shallow watering plus drought and overwatering. Most of my customers have irrigation. I thought Holganix would aid in preventing disease but I learned I would need to double the rate from 7oz to 14 oz per 1000. I also kept my rates low and should of notched it up a couple of ounces.
    I am not sure if I will use Holganix next year. SumaGreen ,I just was not impressed. It is half the cost of Holganix ( I think) but Holganix has 23 or so other ingredients whereas SumaGreen just has a zillon microbes. You can correct me on that if I am wrong. But it is my observation frankly I have been so busy this year I had little time or mind to do an accurate evaluation.
    Keep in mind Holganix needs frigeration hey supplied me with a commercial size refrigerator. The Holganix people were easy to work with although the sales rep. did most of the work for them.
    Holganix may be one of those products that if you keep in your program, there will be good results over time.
    Since I started using and learning about biological products I have become a little burnt out with all the avenues it takes you. I would like to just keep it simple and maybe continue using Holganix with it's reduction in chemicals & nitrogen and offer compost topdressing and compost tea as extra services. It will not address and correct every soil properly but it beats NPK and the whole hog chemical approach. If a serious deficiency develops then it can be addressed.
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    We are looking at adding Holganix to our line. I would be careful with any Nitrogen inhibitor. I am not familiar with Stay-N but I know you can't use UMAXX or UFLEXX with Holganix. They contain a bacterial inhibitor. Holganix is full of bacteria. You don't want to stop them.
    It looks like to us we can reduce our chemical inputs and get quality lawns for the same cost as conventional methods. We haven't seen a true organic program that works in our area yet. We hope this can build into that eventually.
  7. replenish&subdue

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    I will see if Stay-N has any effect on bacteria. My Holganix sales rep.was the one who introduced it to me.
    It would sure be easier to pour on the synthetic and go whole hog on the chemicals but I choose the coarse to reverse the damage it has caused. I hope some better products are developed,discovered to prevent and rid weeds without chemicals. I find pre-emerges hurt the roots.
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    What sort of bacterial inhibitor is there in the UMAXX and UFLEXX??? I've never seen that before... :)
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    My Experience with Holganix

    I went to the seminar in 2011 and listened to the presentation. Overall I would say I have an above average knowledge in soil science. I was not real impressed on their unique selling position of save the world with our product, and by the way you can add pre-m,merit,talstar,3way, etc.

    I did get a quart sample to try out at my home for my landscaping plants. This was enough to treat my beds about 3 times at 6-oz/1000. My plants are well maintained and was difficult to see a big improvement. However, I do feel that all the good mychorrhizae and bacterias did help suppress disease.

    For the cost and the fact it needs to sit shotgun next to my beer in fridge, I never ordered.

    I had good success in 2012 with, Bills ICT product on some postage stamp lawns in one developement. Liked his product it was a compact kit and could just sit on my shelf in shop. I used the ICT in a hybrid granular/liquid program and did very well considering the drought. Also my cost per k was half of Holganix :clapping:

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    So it sounds as though the main ingredient to Holganix, is the bacteria, which is no different than the bacteria in a lot of other mixes... The second most important ingredient is the sales pitch, which includes propaganda about bacteria inhibitors in other fertilizers???

    I got no response to the UMAXX and UFLEXX question... Since a healthy supply of microbes are necessary for plants to consume the nutrients that are in the soil, one would expect that the long term goal would be to build the soil, with sustainable populations...

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