New Product called Holganix. Can someone confirm.

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by replenish&subdue, Nov 11, 2010.

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    I think that I am going to try Holganix. I followed Turf Hokie's posts through this thread. He was, at first apprehensive, but willing. Then more upbeat about doing more. Now he is enthusiastic. He pm'd his # to me so I called him with a list of questions, which he answered truthfully. My concerns were as follows:
    Can I use a zspray? yes with slight mods.
    How is customer service? excellent. quick delivery. they call him back.
    Improvements? Thicker lawns, less cleanup, good crabgrass control, reduced material usage.
    He was able to keep prices the same.
    Customers noticed a difference but he kept it quiet initially just in case it didn't work out.
    Zspray helps him spray 30-35 lawns as opposed to the 18 pulling a hose.
    He also said that the reduced need for pesticides has helped because NY is very difficult with the chemicals they allow.

    What can I say? He is a solid guy with good information. I am a skeptic but as a business owner, I am inherently a risk taker and it has worked out so far. We have to have faith and take chances, but with good information. The businesses that don't will eventually get outdated and outperformed.
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    Well said cdqat. Got a fine group here to work with on subjects like these especially business owner to business owner connections.
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    I appreciate this thread. At first i did not find anything on Holganix finally found this thread. I will be switching totally over to Holganix this year and very excited about the possibilities of this product!
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    Ok, as promised. I got my 200 RAD set up today with the inductor system and 4 tote tanks for the rapid water fill system.

    Here are the pics.

    holganix set up 1.jpg

    holganix set up 2.jpg

    holganix set up 3.jpg

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    that is sweet looking
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    Turf Hokie Good luck with that electric bill! WOW that is some kind of system. I hope it works out for you with Holganix. I am still going to stay with the Sumagreen as I have noticed an earlier greening up then in past years with the Sumagreen. I priced Holganix to Sumagreen and there was no difference until it cam to treatment and the whole refrigeration system. The treatment was three times what sumagreen uses.

    The guy from Holganix told me I needed 7-9 oz per 1000 sq/ft where sumagreen guy told me 3 oz. Holganix also told me that they use fertilizers with their treatments in order to get good results. How is that Organic or chemical free? The sumagreen guy told me if I wanted to use fertilizer I could and many of their LCO's do with the first treatment to get teh quicker greening up but it is not needed for the product as long as you are understanding it is a process and the greening up will take longer then using fertilizers.

    I hope it works out for you guys I just do not want anyone getting the wrong information that Holganix is a stand alone product and that they do require fertilizer with the treatments. That is the part I got pissed about when talking to my Holganix guy in Jersey. They make it sound like they are completely fertilizer free and they are not.

    I am not here to bad mouth Holganix but I do think their marketing is a little..... well no so true. Pricing is a little overboard as well. Good Luck to all using it. Bottom line is the bottom line if it is working for you then great as we are all here to make money. Main reason why I am using sumagreen instead of Holganix
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    Not sure why you think my electric bill is going to be a problem? The only thing running is a chest freezer (converted into a refrigerator for temp)No different than the one I have at my house for food

    Holganix can be used as a stand alone, it does not have to be used with anything else. I mix with 1/8-1/4 lb N. but will eventually see if I can go without. I don't want to mix alone on lawns that are transitioning off of getting 4-5 lbs N per year.

    Not sure why you think Holganix has to be used with fert and sumagreen does not. That can both be used with or without.

    I did not even price out the sumagreen. I just compared labels and the sumagreen does not have a comparable product in my opinion. There is a whole lot more in Holganix than sumagreen

    My cost per thousand with the Holganix and 1/4 lb N . Is still less than a 50% scu applied at 1lb N. so I am not sure why you think holganix is cost prohibitive.
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    Lawn 13012 is a SumaGreen promoter and IS bad mouthing Holganix. See my thread:

    When a search is done using SumaGreen,you can find Lawn 132012 in about every thread. Yet there is little testimony besides Lawn's 132012 brief expressions of "Try SumaGreen!" except that it has been through many studies. Before I try out the SumaGreen product can anyone direct to more supporting evidence. Can anyone share who these people are that developed the product. I wonder how well this one product (apart from a little N ) can supply and maintain a good environment for the soil.

    I tried Holganix all last year except SumaGreen at the end. My summary can be found in previous threads. I am not a Holganix promoter but use it because it is the best bridge product I have found so far. I hope one day to make my own. Holganix leaves me with questions but I bear with it for now.
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    First I am NOT a SumaGreen Promoter. I am a promoter of products that I find useful. I thought the whole idea of this site was to share information. For that reason is WHY I mention SumaGreen. I could care less if everyone else on here used Holganix. All I was saying is that Holganix and SumaGreen are basically the same thing with the same results. My buddy Rob Lundholm (Cape May, told me about it when he switched from Holganix to SumaGreen last year. So please do not tell me I am a SumaGreen promoter.

    If you had two products (Seeds say) that worked the same as the other one but one was cheaper with the same results would you switch? THANK YOU!!!

    Turf- I got a price sheet from what they gave me and I got pricing of a 2 gallon at $105 to a 50 gallon at $2,250 They have other sizes but I would not want to be considered a PROMOTER of their product. I am sure they would send you a price sheet if you email them like I did last year.
    Also not sure what you were talking about with the labels being better at Holganix. I did not see any real testing with their product at University level or even real world at a research center. SumaGreen as several tests and University studies on their products plus their forage product won the award for Best Green Technology in 2011 (Forage / Turf basically the same thing) .

    Again if you want to use Holganix ...GREAT! I am staying with the SumaGreen for the same results and roughly half the price. I use 3 oz per 1000 sq/ft not 7-9 oz like Holganix and no electric bill no matter how small. Is Holganix going to replace your product if lost in a power outage?

    Let Replenish work on his sales for Holganix. Really do not care.
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    I addressed most things in red above but want to be clear that you are putting things on this thread as fact when you simply have not done enough homework and are simply stating what amounts to be uneducated opinion.

    Lets do a brief overview/comparison of products
    +both can be used with a reduced rate of chemicals.
    +both can be used as a stand alone
    +Holganix needs to be kept cold, sumagreen does not
    This should give you pause, why is this?
    +Cost of product is almost identical
    Sumagreen costs $1.05 per 1,000 sq ft
    Holganix costs $1.04 per 1,000 sq ft are indeed misleading people pretty significantly when you tell them that Holganix costs twice as much as sumagreen. Even if there is more of a volume discount for larger quantities you will not reach a 50% material difference....

    Cost of product based on your statement that 50 gallons is $2250...which is $45 per gallon and used at 3 oz per 1,000 sq ft.

    Compared to Holganix used at 7 oz per 1,000 (my use rate and my pricing used)

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