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hello all,
So I'm trying to get myself all set up now for the 2010 season.
I'm still waiting for my license stuff to some through, but i was wondering what you guys under the pesticide ban are using to combat broad leaf weeds?
Anyone have positive results with Sarritor? or just heavy Corn glutton?
Are there any new products available for this coming season?

Also more locally, if there's anyone in the Niagara Region that does applications, where are you getting your product? i've been talking to the nurseries and garden centers as well as the Vineland and Jordon Co-ops, and i'm waiting for them to get back to me.

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Why do you need a pesticide liscense--if--you can't apply pesticides? Why not just use a blowtorch and fry the dandelions one by one?
Maybe you would be best off just to whack 'em with one of those curved hockey sticks. Fiberglass or graphite are best. And they never rust.
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