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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by chefdrp, May 29, 2005.

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    Here is a project i would like help on. The person just had this deck put on and would like me to do a landscape. the one side he would like to keep that little bush. There will be steps comming off that side and the front center. The other side faces a nother house and he would like another Rose of Sharron there. He also would like a Rhode and a jap red maple. I like to use gold mops also. Home owner wants yews on either side of the stairs that will be on the front of the porch. Any other help would be great. Like what to put in for some brilliant color. I am in western NY so you know. Also as you would know i would have to raise the beds some too. Can i just pour topsoil over the turf? Or do i have to rent a sod cutter and strip the part infront and on the sides of the deck?

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  2. chefdrp

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    Here are the plant choices that i will be doing on the project.
    1 Canadian Hemlock
    2 Japanese upright Yews
    8 gold mops
    10 green velvet Boxwood
    6 Sapphire blue oat Grass
    1 Peter Tgerstedt PJM Rhode
    1 Miss Kim Lilac
    6 Stargazer lilly
    6 purple cone flower
    1 bloodred astilbe
    1 peachpink Astilbe
    1 pure white Astilbe 2 sandcherry
    Maybe some other type of perennials
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    chef... just stumbled across this ... you would be better posting in the landscaping forum ..maybe Jodi could move it.

    Strip the sod ..don't put the soil on the turf.
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    hey Jodi. Can you move this to the landscape forum please. I dont think its a renovation project. :)
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    you can also spray the grass to kill it. but best method is to get the sod out of there. rent the sod cutter and do it right. also the other guy has not called back about the mower. Looks like i'm going to keep it.

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