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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Pepler's Lawncare, Feb 8, 2007.

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    i have been on the phone today talking to some property management companies. I have been doing residential maintence and some small business for the last couple of years. I would like to get into maintaining apartment buildings and condos. Was wonder what type of business info i should send to them. What should be in my pac-it? what should i say that will pick my business over others?
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    Provide background info on your busines.
    -What type of work you do
    -How long you have been in business
    -How big is your company, how many employees
    -List trade groups you belong to, any licenses or certifications that you have
    -Provide some photos of the nicest properties that you maintain

    You should be able to create something that looks nice on Microsoft Word or Publisher. Print it on photo quality paper on a color printer.
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    I haven't had much luck around here with getting apartment complexes because some of the bigger LCO 's that have an entire fleet of mexicans (most likely illegals) and they go in and give lower bids to land the jobs.
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    Hey peplers.. what type if companys are you calling? If they are property management companies.. doesnt that mean They do the work? or they are the ones who sub? But if thats the case, why would the apartments hire them?
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    Hello everyone, im new to this site. I had been looking at most of your postings and im happy to see that everyone or well almost everyone is helping or giving advice to one another. But i would like to reply to Pepler's post....I know of A few marketing tips I had recieved not to long ago that helped me out alot and hopefuly be able to help you as well.... having a USP (UNIQUE SALES PROPOSITION) something that sets you apart from others. having a referral system, costumers love to hear good things about your business from other customers. Explain how doing business with your company can be easy and convenient for them. Answer this question for every customer "whats in it for me?" it could be more free time for them, less stress, less headache, etc..hopefuly these few marketing tips will help you and others that read this..
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    Thread is 2 years old :confused::rolleyes:
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    Not necessarily. The 55 & older complex that we do is owned by company A but Company B manages it. Company B has employees that take care of general repair and maintenance issues. However, the sub-contract other items like majob repairs or larger maintenance items. They sub me to do the soup to nuts landscape work (fert, pest, lawn, leaf, landscape maintenance, mulch, seasonal flowers, snow plowing, salting).
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    Yes Greg I realized that after I had submitted the message, sorry. I appriciate it tho. It was my first time on this site, and somehow the threds had started back that far, sorry.
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    LOL, just noticed that!!

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