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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SOS Landscaping, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Im on the fence about how I want to tackle fall clean ups this year. Tradiationally on the small lawns that have only a small amount of leaves we just use metal grass catchers and mulch blades to do the leaves. Then dump in barrels or tarp it to the truck. Larger lawns with a large amount of leaves we use a combination of push blowers and backback blowers, blow everything to the curb with a tarp and then load into the truck. This year we have added a few more high end accounts and would hope to pick up some more leaf work this year. I am thinking about buying a leaf loader or would a ZTR vac system be a better investment?
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    I got rid of my vac because my ztr bagger kicked its arse in every which way! Blow the leaves into the lawn and mow. Epty the bags in the truck,woods, or trailer. Then your good to go.
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    What I like about the Vac/Bagger on my ZTR is by running gator blade is shreds everything into small pieces. Takes up a lot less room in the truck and great for compost piles.
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    I have gators on my walker and its just mow and dump on the trailer. Pieces are so small they almost blow throught the mesh sides.
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