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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by luv2mow, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. ed2hess

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    Get the Stihl.......I am an Echo guy but think Stihl has them wipped. Ever look at the number of models Stihl have...they must sell a lot of saws.
  2. MONTE

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    With the dolmar you get a Pro grade saw! Stihl is a plastic saw in the MS250etc. The echo 400 is also a plastic saw but the 440 is a metal cases saw! The dolmars are pro metal cased and will spank both the stihl and echo! Also they are about the same money with much more power! You could get a PS420 460 or 510 for the same or less money than the Stihl 250 Or echo 440!

    Good Luck!
  3. addictedtolandscaping

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    As I mentioned, I have both. I have had my Stihl for years, and had 2 others prior to that. I bought the Dolmar this past year as I needed a larger saw and the price on the Stihls was a bit steep for me here. I bought the 7900 with a 24" bar and got to tell you, damn thing is amazing. I think it is according to your desire, like you it is a ride and a half for me to get service, but the dealership also handles Timberwolf, so I tended to migrate there as I do a few hundred cords of firewood per year. As long as you can get dollar for dollar, tough decision, but dealer support is huge. If you are looking for something that is comfortable to run, it does weigh more, and can really get some wood cut, then Dolmar. IF you are ok with moderate speed cutting and are;t going into big stuff, then Stihl. I wouldn;t hesitate to buy another Stihl, not at all, but Dolmar definitely has my attention. THat big red monster I bought really gets it done. Makes my Stihl seem like a toy, but the stihl has cut lots and lots of wood over the years.
  4. luv2mow

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    Went with. Dolamr PS-5100. Dealer was great. Seemed like alot of saw for the money. Power to weight ratio was outstanding. Feels nice and cant wait to give it a go. Stilh's were also nice but dealer left me waiting 25 min's and no one came to help me. I would have bought the Stihl but now I am very happy with my choice. Thanks for the help.
  5. tamadrummer

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    Congrats on the saw!

    I would have gone with the 250 personally. In 15 years when you need parts for Stihl saws, you can get parts and in 25 more years, you can get parts again.

    I run a 250 with a full chisel skip chain 16" bar, on it and it rips through felled wood. It is a fun bucking saw and limbing saw.

    As far as the Husqvarna 455 goes, it is a Poulan in orange clothes.
  6. nmurph

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    why are you running skip chain on a 16" bar. the reason you run skip is to allow the chips to clear the kerf. that is not a problem on short bars.

    the 455 is not Poulan. some of the smallest huskys are assembled by Poulan.

    Luvver, the 5100 is a nice saw. great power for the weight. be careful about the tune of the motor. there are some problems with them running lean, even when they are set at their richest setting, and scoring the cylinder. the limiters keep them from running richer due to EPA regs. if you have some mechanical inclinations, you can trim the limiters and adjust the H setting after the warranty period.
  7. thecuttingedgelawn

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    I agree with 4.3 Mudder...Stihl MS 250 is the way to go for $300. My dad has one and they are good saw that handles most stuff you'll probably get into. I have all Stihl Power equipment and have never had any problem and rec them to anyone that asks...However, a good friend of mine runs all Husky and he loves them. I don't know much or have any experience with Echo. Just depends on dealer location, support, and preference.
  8. hdtvluvr

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    Be sure to get and use safety equipment including chainsaw chaps.


    How they Work
  9. thecuttingedgelawn

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    Hope you have good success with your saw! I've always been intrigued by Dolmar saws, like the look of them, but have never bought one, but just yesterday I talked to a friend of mine that bought a professional Dolmar saw in the 50-55cc neighborhood for some cutting and removal on his acreage, and it burned up on him because the factory had it adjusted wrong (too lean so it could crank out a few more rpms) and he ran it that way without knowing and burned it up. That's what the dealer found out after inspection. Not trying to scare you, but just thought Id mention that. But noteworthy too is that after he rebuilt it and set it a little richer, he said it ran like a champ! Which is good to know. If anything have it checked before you do a lot of work with it. Hope yours screams for you tho.

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