New Push Mower for mulching: Toro or John Deere?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RNav, Mar 17, 2003.

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    My township just banned bagging grass. I do not wish to maintain a compost pile so I am in search of a superior mulching self powered push mower. I have had a Honda Harmony for five years. I mulched half of the first season and had to switch to bagging because the Honda seemed under-powered. I am in search of the best mulcher. I am torn between the Toro Super Recycler and the John Deere JS63C. I have heard rave reviews on the Toro but cannot find any unbiased input on the JD. Which is the better mower? Toro Super Recycler or the John Deere JS63C?

    Thanks in advance:)
  2. jjm

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    I did extensive research on this and have owned a super recycler for over 10 years. My father just purchased the super recycler 20038 with the B &S 6.75 engine. I can say after seeing a neighbor with a JD mower that the 10 year old super recycler does a much better job mulching and performing an even cut. I suspect that the newer version (20038) will even perform better.

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    I have that jd,it's about 9mos old.bad points-castor wheels cheap built,replced them once.trans wont stay in second.good points-plenty of power(6.75)mulches great,3rd gear mows fast.I like it,but will try something different next time.I borrowed toro personal pace from hd while jd was getting new castors, I hated it,1wheel drive,spun all the time,didn't like personal pace,alot more effort than jd.:p

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