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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Teach123, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Yesterday everyone was very helpful and answered my questions and gave suggestions on how to build a "sprinkler system" on my own using above ground heads and hoses. I reason I was going this route was because I was going to have to tear up part of my finished basement to get to the main water valve. However, one person told me to ask about connecting a system to an existing spigot outside.

    Today, I had a company give me a bid and said that they could do the system this way. Since I live in an older home and the houses are close together, I have no side yard. The spigot is along the driveway. Here is what this company suggested:

    1. Run 3/4 '' PVC from the spigot to the lawn along side the driveway. The PVC would then meet the buried lines that they would laid.
    2. The controller would be mounted to the side of the house behind a bush and a plugged in to an outlet on the porch.
    3. Since my front yard is small, he suggested a rotating head in each corner, 2 stationary heads in the corners by the porch, and 4-5 station heads in the parkway.
    4. He would mount the rain sensor on the gutter.
    He didn't seem all that thrilled about doing it this way, but said it should work and would cause less "tearing up" of my property.

    Does this sound "ghetto" to anyone or is this simply a good solution? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!! Thanks guys.
  2. LoweJ82

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    how do they plan to get under front walk? I'm guessing they gonna drill under sidewalk with a small trencher with bore attachment.

    Was it the guy in the red truck?
  3. Teach123

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    I think they are simply just gonna bore under the walk. The retaining wall only has like a 5 inch footer so shouldn't be too bad. And no, it wasn't a guy in a red truck. Where did that come from? :)
  4. RigglePLC

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    do you have a spigot or...a freeze-proof silcock? More complicated, if so. And check for another place to tie in to your water supply in the basement. For instance, tie into your water pipes near the washer--drill a hole in the house and install a valve outside the house. Then the backflow preventer. Chances are this would be half inch pipe so your pressure and flow would be less. But they can test your pressure and gallons per minute availability. So can you. 20 gallons per minute is good. 10 is barely adequate, (that is one gallon in 6 seconds).
    If you have less gallons per minute--you need more zones. Three, 3 gallon per minute heads per zone would be the maximum. And if someone flushed the toilet...
  5. LoweJ82

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    main Irrigation contractor drives a "red truck" with white letters is all.

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