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New quipment


LawnSite Member
Is it better to go out and get everything to start a lawn cutting/trimming business or get equipment as needed. I would like to get a 44-48 ztr, 21 push, 2 trimmers, blower and 5x8 enclosed trailer. Any advise would be great


LawnSite Senior Member
Cincy, OH
Curious as to why that small of a Z. For that size I would think a WB would be much simpler. Now if you have bigger open turf areas then I would go with a 60-61" Z. My honest opion buy a nice used 48" WB, a new Stihl trimmer and backpack blower and a nice used push mower.


LawnSite Gold Member
Groton, MA
I only buy it when I need it. But other than the second trimmer, you may need everything day 1.


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Owasso, OK
Look for equipment on craigslist. I bought a 1 year old stihl edger near new condition for $100. Be careful what you buy tho. And dont be surprised if it breaks on you. But for just starting out this is what i would do. Then as you earn money with old equipment go buy a new trimmer, blower, ETC. One piece at a time. Dont ever let yourself get into debt. And always do a professional job.


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Easton, MA
Agreed with Intimidator. Im in the process of buying everything myself and working very hard to buy everything with zero debt. Just picked up a nice 6x12 enclosed and plan on picking up a second hand mower from family in the next few weeks to tune up and use until things pick up. The lower your overhead the better!


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West Bend WI
A good rule of thumb is, buy what you can afford, but don't buy junk. Buy new if you can afford it, or used if you can't afford new. I do like new equipment though, because usually it is more reliable.