New quoting & Lead Generation software for lawn and landscape providers.

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    Greetings everyone,

    I wanted to take a minute to discuss a relatively new cloud based quoting, estimating, invoicing, and billing platform made for the lawn and landscape industry.

    Click below to learn more and start your FREE 14-day trial. No credit card required.

    It has some of the following features right out of the box:
    • Easy to use online measuring tool for quoting properties remotely.
    • Build out your services, descriptions and pricing, addons and surcharges.
    • Many ways to up sell your services via coupons, service level discounts, prepay, and more.
    • Track quote email opens, clicks and deliver-ability to your customers or print them in PDF form.
    • Send beautiful, easy to read quotes to your customers that scale across all devices.
    • Install our real-time lead generation and quoting widget directly on your website and empower your customers to quote their own properties and get pricing for your services in real time.
    • Select which services appear on your customers quotes, pre-select them yourself, or give them the option to choose the ones they want, or mix and match.
    • Schedule quotes to be sent to your customers at specific dates, allowing you to encourage your customers to signup for "fall cleanup services" every fall and without having to create a separate quote for all of your customers or remember when to send them.
    • Manage your customers, billing history, categories, etc all from an easy to use interface, or import your current list of customers.
    • Invoice customers for anything you'd like and collect payment online. We don't even take a cut!
    You get all these features plus a ton more like routing and event management for one low monthly price of $29.99 / month

    Our easy to use setup feature allows your to select from pre-defined industries, like lawn care and have your services and other items automatically created for you, or you can manually create them all from scratch. Another interesting feature we just launched allows you to browse and import services anonymously from other providers to help jump-start your service setup. We make it crazy simple.

    We realize change can be scary, but we encourage you to check us out! Our service was built for you, so feedback and feature suggestions are always encouraged.
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    There is no about us, who we are info.
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    Thanks for the comment jc1,

    We're a new startup based out of New Hampshire who is trying to create software to solve a lot of problems currently being felt by providers who use some of the other software out there such as service autopilot and Realgreen systems to perform quoting and other tasks.

    We have our own unique features at a very competitive price point, and unlike the big guys who have been around for awhile, we are agile enough to listen to what our customers want and need in their quoting software and implement those changes very quickly.

    We have a few reviews from actual customers on Capterra currently: I invite you to check out.

    If you'd like to know anything more about PQ, let me know and i'd be happy to answer best I can. Thank you.
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    here is a sample of our quoting widget on one of our actual provider's websites. Check it out, you can have this to. click on get an instant quote:
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    Just FYI,

    We just added a feature that allows you to automatically increase your service pricing to different customers based on the customer's zipcode.

    All you need to do when creating your service is add specific zipcodes and the % increase in price you'd like them to receive and any quotes sent out to your customers or customers quote themselves from your website self quoting widget will automatically calculated prices with the rate increases.

    Just another way you can increase your profits and make quoting just a little bit easier...

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