New ram 1500's

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rungreen, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. tbambersvc

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    Wouldn't blame you if you did. I'm sure a dealer would ship one to your closest dealer.

    If anyone has a '12 or '13 Ram please post up. I'm considering one myself as the Eco isn't cutting it.
  2. Patriot Services

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    Sorry the Eco ain't cutting it. I tried to tell that to somebody else on here a while back.
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  3. tbambersvc

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    Its not your fault, its mine. Shouldn't have bought a truck with 3.31 gears and a v6 and hoped for good gas mileage while towing. Even with an aluminum quad trailer and 2 utility machines it gets 10mpg. The truck itself is much nicer than my Dodge was, but for my needs just not cutting it.
  4. truckn

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    I have a 2012 Ram 1500 regular cab, short bed, with the Hemi. I have 3.55s and it tows what I pull with no issues. Most I've towed is 3000lbs. and it had plenty of power. With 3.92s this thing would be a beast for a gasser. I'm getting 11 or 12mpg towing.
  5. 360ci

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    LSD is a must for me, especially on RWD vehicles.

    I found that (here in Canad) open diff's are horrid, and often scary at times when trying to accelerate up a hill in heavy traffic. LSD greatly helps this, and I have over 70K on my BFG Long Trail tires with lots of wear still left. My GoodYears on my old C1500 GMC didn't last very long even with regular rotations. Each winter it was a struggle to get traction even in some parking lots with the snow/freezing rain and a mix of the two in my geographical area, and the GMC's open differential was a definite set back.

    I too would avoid a locking rear diff as it can bind the axle and lock when you need the turning radius on the road. Auto lockers are more for off-roading with very little street use as they can be unpredictable. Air lockers are a viable option but they too can cause trouble if you forget to turn it off while driving on the road in dry conditions.
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    ya, i caint plow unless im high either


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