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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Barkleymut

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    I was wondering if anyone has used the Stens Raptor Mulching Blades. I saw them advertized on pg. 86 of the new Pro Magazine. They claim they are 25-50% harder than standard blades because of Marbain material. Sure would be nice to go an extra day without sharpening blades. I did a search on Yahoo of Marbain and found that it is used on Scag brand blades. They also are supposed to weigh less which would make them easier to move and less dangerous if they went out of balance. Also anyone know of an online dealer that sells Stens?
  2. thefarmer4

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    Do they look like the Gators?
    I got blades from Stens last year that looked like Gators. I could have gotten another one that had a special coting to make blades last longer. I did'nt buy them because I figured Once you sharpen them the coating is gone.
  3. Eric ELM

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    I went to their website and their online catolog isn't done yet so I could not see an up close picture of them. They look like a Gator blade in Pro.

    Barkleymut, the blades I find work best on my newest Chopper are the blades that I got from DC. They are simular to a Gator, but instead of throwing the clippings in, they throw the clippings out. Instead of 4 fins, they have 3. You can see the difference in them on my double blades page by clicking on my little red house below. The end of the blade that is at the 4 O:clock possition are the ones I got from Dixie Chopper, the one that the end of the blade is at the 8 O:clock possition is a Gator. See how the fins are twisted out on the DC blade and in on the Gator? I find the DC blade is better in wet grass than the Gator as a double blade and the Magic Mulcher works good to keep the grass from collecting on the top of the deck. I used this combo for leave mulching last fall, but I will use a highlift along with the DC blade for grass cutting. I hope this helps.
  4. jordanlawnsrvc

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    You can deal with Stens directly, but you'll have to pay retail and shipping. They have a discount on larger orders; over $150, I think. Call them to set up your account and get a catalogue. Also, I think you can order online. (I haven't looked at my catalogue for a while) I have the number if you need it.
  5. SummitFarmer

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    Hey Eric
    What is this Magic Mulcher you are talking about? Is it the black thing that is on top of the blades in the picture on your web-site? Give us some more info in this please. Thanks
  6. Eric ELM

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    Summit Farmer:

    It is the black thing on top. :) It fits on and around the spindle so the chains are swinging just below the top of the deck. This is something that is sold by Dixie Chopper and I first used it last fall when I mulched leaves, but it works nice when it's wet to keep the under side of the deck clean also. :) The Magic Mulcher and the two blades are a total of 3/4" thick, so if you use this combo, make sure to get longer bolts.
  7. luckylawnboy

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    For this spring you said you were going to use a highlift on Bottom and a DC blade on top. Is the HL a DC Blade, and for the Top blade are you using what came with the mower which is the Std balde or the DC mulch blade. Just clarify there is so many different combination that I don't want to spend the money buying different blades to see which works the best. I have a 25HP Flatlander 60. With Reg lift on Bottom, and a Reg 52" cut blade or 18" on top . I receive no loss it tip speed so if I went to a HL on Bottom and reg on top will the 25HP kohler pull in heavy grass. Can't wait to cut!! Show us a picture if you like. Pictures are great.
  8. Eric ELM

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    You can use about any combination. I have even used 2 sets of highlifts, but that is to much air movement. A regular blade that comes with a Chopper and a mulching type blade work fine. Even two regular blades work fine. Try what you have before going out and buying more.
  9. I am going to start the season off with a gator and a hi lift while I have the tine rake mounted.

    Then for the rest of the year I am going with double gators.

    My machines throw the clippings too far when a hi lift is on the spindle.

    PS the hi lift slows down the blade speed and it uses more fuel per hour.

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  10. teamII

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    eric on your web site you said to put the double blades on in the x . do i need to have a adapter to hold them in this x?
    also what do you mean by balanced?

    i just put doubles on my prowler but i just made them look like an x and then i just fired it up am i taking a risk?

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