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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by txgrassguy, Aug 6, 2008.

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    I prefer a Teejet AA23L 7676-24 with the proper size fan tip to apply the desired volume/M. At 40PSI at the gun and normal walking speed, an XR11008 tip puts down 1 gallon. I have no problems getting contact herbicides such as MSMA or Quicksilver to work. I do have a Teejet AA31 with a 45 elbow and a Turbofloodjet nozzle TFVS10. At 40 PSI, this puts down 3 gallons per M. I save this for fertilizers only. Floodjet nozzles do not have the defined pattern, flat fan nozzles do and leaf coverage is poor. For shrub work, its a wand with two disc-core nozzles on a swivel and an Arag Turbo Gun for tall trees.
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    The JD-9 has several tip sizes available. I usually use a fairly small orafice, but sometimes I'll use a larger which greatly reduces drift (you go thru more gpm though). Today I sprayed 100 gallons of Mosquito Barrier with a JD-9 (small nozzle).

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    Hey Hogjaw,

    Get the tkss 10. The droplets much smaller as well as less volume per 1,000.

    As I said before, I am getting 1/2 gal per K with this setup, and as you know the less water (to a point) as the carrier for Post-Herbicides, the better.

    The gushing and spweing sounds you discribe are coming from the Check Valve, right before the nozzle.

    When you get the pressure correct and it is CLEAN, it makes a nice constant Buzzzzzzz.

    Take care,


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