new rig pics...maybe. lol

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by txnbygod, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. txnbygod

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  2. txnbygod

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    heres a quicky pic of my toys.
    hope this workds:dizzy:

    pic 2.jpg
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    I like the lock box on the first trailer. Though if I had one that big I know at the end of the day when my men get back, one of them will end up locked in it.....:eek:

    The side ramp on the white one is realy cool. Nice feature. Though I would have made it a full ramp rather than the 2 seperate wheel ramps.
  6. SGLawn Care

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    Some of mine.

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    hey txnbygod i got the same mower (the gravely) how do you like it, seems to be built like a tank although the belts on mine need some ajusting , Question? how do you keep mower from moving around i have a sweet hold down the i built my self one pin and its out no straps and it even locks mower onto trailer by locking front caster assembely down another thing those rims are bad ----- wish i had some i also love the steel cage planning on building one soon another thing where do you keep your trimmer?
  9. txnbygod

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    hiya rookie,

    thanks for the compliments. i tried to put some thought into the trailer when i had it made. i needed the most bang for my buck in a 5x10 -- i got it for $1100 as is after some hard haggling-- that would back straight into my house garage, (the shop is filled right now with my skeeter boat and a 69 ss camaro. lol)

    the belts on mine did slip a little under higher loads when it was brand new. i think the new pulleys were a bit too slick with paint or whatever. just a tad of brake cleaner to the pulley surface gave it better grip.

    i just found some anchors to tie my equip down easier. i will mortise a 3x3 hole in a plank of the trailer floor and it mounts from underneath with the looped part for a strap almost flush to the flooring.

    my trimmer?! i use those old timey hand scissors instead. lol
    no, but really. if ya looks carefully...there are a couple of hooks on the front of the lockbox. i am hanging it there for now. i use plastic coated steel cables to secure each piece of equip, (all the padlocks are keyed alike to my housekey).

    i am still looking for a trimmer rack. i've seen the one by jungle jim's, but am still trying to decide. have any suggestions?
  10. rookiemower

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    i built my own because i have family in manufacturing pretty slick and cost me nothing lift 2 pins and its out nearly impossible to steal unless you destroy trimmer i do like those racks from trimmer trap take a look at green touch industries and jungle jims also

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