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Hey guys. I found this site when reading about the new Tiger Cat 2 from scag. I don't have a lawn business but i have about 4 acres at my house that to be cut with a mower instead of the bush hog.

I bought a used cub cadet RZT a couple years ago and it just didn't hold up.

I started looking at zero turns in the 3000 price range and they all just seemed cheaply made and not built to last. So I stared reading about commercial mowers on this site. I went to several dealers, gravely, bad boy, hustler, scag. The scags just seemed much heavier duty and built like tanks.

Once someone explained to me motor and pump vs hydrostatic transmissions, I was sold that I wanted a motor and pump setup. The scag guy showed me the new tiger cat 2. It looks like what I'm looking for. I want to buy this mower and keep up the maintenance 120% and not have to worry about buying a mower for a very long time.

I'm pretty sold on this Tiger Cat 2 after reading on this site.

My biggest question is regarding the engine choice. My number one concern is long term reliability. I don't have that much to cut, especially when you figure I'll only be using this a couple hours every 10 days or so.

The engine choices are a Kawasaki 691FX Or Kohler 25hp EFI for the 52" deck.

The fuel injected Kohler sounds great without worrying about a carb, but I don't know how reliable these are and that's my top concern.

There's also a Kawasaki 730FX and a 26hp Kohler EFI on the 60" deck. The dealer said he prefers 52" over the 60 because of possible scalping with the 60".

My first instinct is to get the bigger deck, but if the 52" has less issues I'll just get that.

Does anyone have any suggestions about which engine to get? Buying new and want to make the right choice the first time.

Thanks a lot



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Kohler EFI hands down. Best EFI system on the market along with the Briggs EFI. That will be plenty of power for a 52". I have a tiger cat 2 61" with the same engine.


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Kohler EFI hands down. Best EFI system on the market along with the Briggs EFI. That will be plenty of power for a 52". I have a tiger cat 2 61" with the same engine.

Hey man. I just got through reading your 30 page thread about the tiger cat 2. Thanks for posting all of that it helps guys like me decide.

Do you have any scalping issues with the 61"? The dealer seemed like that was a concern over the 52" deck


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I would not worry about scalping at all with these mowers. Make sure the deck is set properly and the anti scalp wheels are low enough to precent scalping and all is good. We run our anti scalps one notch from the top on our velocity plus decks with great results.


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I have had many scags. My opionion, is stay away from the tiger cat with the 61v it's a great machine but if your getting that large of a deck but the turf tiger. The cat is a smaller framed machine I feel is better suited for a smaller deck. A tiger cat 61v is no comparison to a turf tiger 61v. The 52 cat is a great mower.


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I have a 52" Scag V-ride with Kohler 26.5 hp efi. So far 80 hrs commercial use. I have cut anything from scraggly yards to once a month field cut with 3' grass/weeds. Yes the tall stuff slows it down but the motor response is excellent. Fuel economy seems pretty good even though I havent measured it. I hope to never buy a carb motor again.

Keep the blades sharp. I would say they should be sharpened after each cut based on your 4 acre size. Maybe get 1.5 cuts out of it and have an extra set of blades to swap.

Once a month I was cutting a 10 acre parcel but more like 7 acres after house/trees/wooded area. I would have to swap the blades half way through but I was cutting thick/tall grass.

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