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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnmowermannh, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. lawnmowermannh

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    I am looking for anyone who has this deck and their pros and cons about it. I am thinkinking of retiring my advantage deck. Any feed back will help make my decision.
  2. EJK2352

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    I looked at Scag's web site. The hurricane isn't really a deck, it's a mulch system for 2004 and newer decks.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yep... and based on what I have learned from being a dedicated mulcher for the last 5 years... I'd have to assume it's not a very good system either... and I bet in time I'll be proven right...

    The Hurricane inserts for the top of the deck might be awesome, but I have found those blades to be questionable when ran in an enclosure... but that's subjective...

    The thing that will not work is also a feat of lazy engineering...
    Those triangle baffles...
    They create squared corners under the deck
    This will effect air flow and cut quality
    They also do not create individual chambers for each blade

    Time will tell, but my money is on the fact that the corners are going to collect clippings, which will actually improve performance until it clogs. So it's going to need to be scraped out alot. It will also drop wads, furballs, clumps from these corner areas prior to them filling with clippings. It will also leave 3 nice distict trails of clippings. One at the discharge chute and the other two will be between the blades.

    I would be really surprised if I'm not correct... those Hurricane inserts would have to work miracles... heck I'd even venture to say the deck would cut better and mulch better without those triangular baffles installed.

    What the heck is up with Scag anyways? Why do they keep re-working their deck? I had even went as far as to say to one person that I was under the impression they had a good thing going on their 2002 style Advantage deck.... was I mistaken? If so I need to know!.... I seem to recall some pictures of a Scag making a single pass cut through some very tall grass with amazing results....
  4. lawnmowermannh

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    Thanks E.L.S for your input. I too first questioned those triangle baffles. Here's the thing my advantage deck leaves a trail of grass clipping between center and discharge blade. Real annoying! That's why I was asking about the hurricane. One thing for sure is I do not want to go from bad to worse. I think I will just wait until the system is tried and trued.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Which advantage deck do you have now? The one with the arc )front baffle like is on the website now or the one that is formed to trace the arc of each blade?
  6. lawnmowermannh

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    E.L.S. It's the one with the arc in front. A scag engineer is sapose to take a look at it. As this deck is the second one on my nower. Actually they are thinking about changing it out agian.
  7. sawman65

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    the reason scag had to change the advantage deck is because exmark won
    a patent infringement suit. you cant copy someone else deck and call it your own.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Really? I didn't find it to be all that similar even...
    Not a huge-huge difference in a lot of decks...

    I like eXmark alot and all, but...
    That would be a lot of 'GALL' on the part of eXmark to do that also...
    Seeing as how nothing about their deck is original aside from the front baffle...

    Need I even mention the EZ Stripper?
  9. Sam-Ohio

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    What did Scag change on their Advantage deck that had to do with the lawsuit you spoke of ?

    The patent that Exmark [now Toro] held was on the internal front baffle, and the set back of the blades from the primary front panel of the mower deck. This was an ingenious design from Exmark, because it allowed their mower to pass the govenments "wooden shoe" safety test, and still have the mower blades directly exposed to the incoming grass. The gov't testers push a shoe sized piece of wood 3 1/4 inches under the front of a running mower deck, and if the blades hit and cut the wood, then the deck is considered too dangerous to sell in the U.S. Exmarks idea of making a "false" front wall or panel and then putting a shortened baffle 3 + inches inside the front of the mower, allowed them to pass the gov't safety test, and still get the blades down lower than the actual front of the mower. This exposed blade was the way rotary mowers were all made 30 years ago, but the "wooden shoe" stopped all manufactures from designing their mowers with an exposed blade - till Exmark thought up a way around it.

    This blade set back and internal front baffle is what the patent lawsuit was about, and Scag isn't the only manufacturer that infringed on this patent, but as far as I know, they are the only one that Toro has sued so far.

    Scag made a settlement with Toro [no one will say how much, and court record is sealed - I checked last year], but Scag is permitted to keep on using the design.

    The reason that Scag and Toro has continued to make changes in the design of the internal baffle, is there is one great problem with it. The problem source is that the blade being lower than the edge of the baffle, lots of air blasts out under the baffle - and of course you have "front end blow out".

    Toro has straightened this baffle and made it swing so that you could adjust the air velocity according to the type of turf, and whether vacuuming or side discharging.

    Scag has made their baffle so the height can be adjusted upward if mowing in weeds and tough stuff like Buckhorn, medium height for normal turf grass mowing, or down lower than the blade edge if you have a vac hooked up and don't want any front blow out. They have also added two rolled under air guides that catch the turbulence where the blade tips pass each other and direct this air back under the deck also.

    The thing that puzzles me is , what changes have they made in the Exmark deck to help solve this problem ? I have seen this issue about Exmark and front blow out cussed and discussed on Lawnsite since forever, but often the people complaining don't realize that the problem has already been addressed and solved. So as an Exmark dealer can you tell us if they have made changes that help with this problem yet - or are there changes to the deck coming in next years mowers that can help this ?
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