*New* Scag Walk Behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by nineunder, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. KV9064

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    any New information (Pictures) yet???
  2. T Scapes

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    check out my thread in the picture section i had one last week and will be picking it up come tuesday
  3. KV9064

    KV9064 LawnSite Member
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  4. Armsden&Son

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    Awesome! I love SCAG and WALKER!!!!
  5. GMLC

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    Thanks for the link!! I just cant believe Scag did not put the Velocity deck on this machine!! The freedom deck is nothing to write home about. In fact its a highend home owner deck. What was Scag thinking!!!!!!!!???????? And Im a HUGE scag fan ....
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  6. Church2224

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    They need to add the velocity plus cutter deck as well as a 52 and 61 inch deck option for this machine. Gravely, Exmark, Snapper Pro and Ferris offer floating deck hydro drive models in 36, 48, 52 and 60/61 inch deck options, why not Scag? They are one of the biggest producers out there, at least have a 52 inch deck option as well.

    But despite that one variable, I like it. Here's to hoping they have another Hydro Drive Walk Behind coming that is bigger and has the velocity plus deck, and the new Bob Cat Floating Deck models will be better. I hope they are pulling and Exmark and are trying to have two lines of floating deck hydros, one smaller like this, and eventually one bigger.
  7. ed2hess

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    more more more......they already got swz with that deck and a whole line of v-ride. I am guess this fills the hole where WE needed and that is a 36" floating deck hydro at a competitive price with snapper pro.
  8. KV9064

    KV9064 LawnSite Member
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    Depending on the price it should sell very good, I would rather have this Scag over most other Hydro walk behinds, I just dont understand the lack of ANTI SCALP wheels can someone explain that???
  9. TLS

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    What's there to scalp??

    It's a walkbehind with a fairly wide rear tire track width.

    Belt and hydro walkbehinds from SCAG in the 48" class never had scalp wheels and had much narrower rear track widths. I don't see the need for them on such small decks.

    Only place you could really put one would be the front trimside, but that would take away from this decks ability to really tuck in tight and trim right up to objects and not needing any string trimming.

    The big Velocity+ deck has SO much gap between blade tip and front skirt, you will always need to sting trim.
  10. Rvldesign

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    Ill take it for $4500
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