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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Black Magic, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. It will my first spray truck,what ever you can tell me about the spray unit will help.

    As many tips i can get about spraying will help,tip size,# of coats,how often needs to be cleaned/flushed,spraying patter etc...

    I have a few other trucks that dont spray,so please just stick to the spray equipment stuff, no mix and brush methods.

    iam broke but :dancing:
  2. shepoutside

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    Crap !! How did I miss that ad, lol Good Deal, I would have grabbed that myself, if I had seen the ad. Not often you find spray equipment, let alone NIce stuff like that, WOW !!! I still can't believe that. :cry:

    You got that PU/400 gallon for sale too?
  3. EWS

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    Honestly it a nice rig.. But you paid too much. You can buy a flatbed f550 all day long for 13-15-k and that equipment new is only around 8k.. Thats used equipment. you should have paid 18-20k.... I just saw a 2004 f-550 with a 1200 gallon tank, 2 little wonders, spray wand, 30 gallon cf, and a graco 3900. 15k
  4. shepoutside

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    Actually, he did. If you convert the money, he paid $19,788.55 American. Equipment like that is not common in Canada, we bring much of it up from the states, then we have to add the duty, brokerage fee's, etc. This is a dam good deal!
  5. The bed is a custom bed that has allmost 2 feet side storage on each side,its very low to the ground.Has a brand new pump as well.
    Up in Canada these truck are about 50k new canadian, in the U.S i bet there in the low 30s.
    Like shep said just to find one is a task in its self.
    I didnt pay asking price, but a few grand less.

    I do have a truck and tank i could sell pm if you want more info.
  6. Hanoverfiste

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    nice unit there Black Magic!! you selling the equiptment you have now?
  7. pave and seal

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    what kind of pickup unit do you have for sale?how much and can you post pictures?
  8. pave and seal

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    the picture of your new outfitt is no longer on there,i missed it but if you got a air sprayer they are nice on bigger stuff,but on a small house driveway be carefull !they throw out a pretty wide fan and you can cover a lot of area fast,remember to flush your pump and hose everyday,i remember the first air pump i had i couldnt believe the pressure,it was like a cartoon trying to hold a fire hose,but i realy like the spray units,i just baugt a new buggy buy i havent used it yet
  9. Its 2006 ford 550 with 20 miles custome bed and a sealmaster sk-750 spray unit.
    The truck i would sell would be my 1998 gmc crew cab dually 6.5 turbo diesel with a flat bed dump and any tank from 200 gal to 500gal there is a few i have.
    price wise it be around $ 8000
  10. shepoutside

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    You have mail, I need a tank :)

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