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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Runner, Sep 14, 2001.

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    I'm hoping you guys can help us out. I have a good friend who, just this spring, I talked into purchasing a Lazer for his choice of ZTRs. He already has an Exmark wb, and was looking at several other major brands. I convinced him to go with the Exmark. He opted for the 27 hp LC. He also purchased the deluxe suspension seat, as I recommended from my experience with it. Anyway, he told me all through the summer that it gave him back troubles and made him real sore. He said he thought something was wrong with it from the start, and I recommended he experiment with the adjustment a bit to get it "dialed in". Well he brought his machine over today and I set him up a little better by lowering his handles to increase comfort and we also moved them back a little so now he isn't "lunging" quite as far forward as he was. This is going to help significantly, I can tell. Anyway, after checking out his seat, and riding his mower, I see exactly what he means about his seat trouble. I think he got a lemon! I realize you don't manufacture these seats. This seat has so much play and slop in it, that it's like like trying to stay on a sawhorse. There is all kinds of rocking from left to right and tilting that it takes alot of effort and work to stay steady in it. You're constantly using your ab muscles and your back to stay straight. I couldn't even IMAGINE riding this thing for 8 hrs. a day. We checked all the nuts and bolts, checked the tab bolt with the spring underneath - it was o.k., and found that most of the play is where the seat runners are. There is a great deal of play where the seat rail is connected to the runner. This seat is NOTHING like what my seat is for sturdiness and stability. The bad thing about this situation is, that the dealer claims there is nothing wrong with this seat and can do nothing about it. I (and I believe you would if you saw it,) know better. This seat is defective right from the factory and should be replaced. It is just not operable how it was intended to be. Can you please do something to help my friend as he is really down and out about this, and I don't want him (or anyone else) to have any bad final impressions of this company as I know this won't be the last mower he buys. Again, he just purchased this mower in late spring, and only has about 200 hrs. on it. What's more than that, is that he told me back THEN it was like that. I just thought he wasn't used to it. If one of you guys can take this into consideration, perhaps I can have him call you. This is from the Flint Michigan area. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.
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    Runner, Exmark,

    I have that same mower with the same susp seat. I also have loads of play in it. The runners are definately wearing out. Plus the fact that the slide adjustment lock is only on one side, preventing it from locking both slides. One is free to move while the other is locked. Trailer miles are, I believe, a major factor here. Just sitting back there bouncing around with no weight on it. My seat itself is fine, I think that the slides or runners need a big re-engineer. I only have about 300hrs on my seat and while it isnt ready to fall off, it will need new runners by this time next season.

    For the price of this seat, it should last more than two seasons!
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    Hey I would be glad to see what I can do to help your friend out. I think probably the best way to handle this is to have your friend give me a call. That way I get his Name, Rank, Serial Number and all that jazz.

    A few things you might want to look at are the seat runners and stops. With his unit being a water-cooled machine, he would have had to make sure that the seat stops were put on correctly. The other thing maybe it's not the seat at all, maybe it's the seat slides?

    Have him give me a call or email me his phone number and I will call him. Also thanks for the referral. 402-223-6270

    Thanks, Fred.

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