new seed, weed and feed???

I serched and couldn't figure out excatly the time I should go.....

I bought some new seed for my yard to over seed and to put on some bare spot where I have been doing yard work... I also bought some weed n feed "28-3-3" because I have a few "not many" dandylions "I guess that's how you spell those little yellow flowers" and some onion grass how long do I have to leave the seed on before I can put out the weed and feed? Thanx


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Most products suggest that you wait at least until after the new grass has grown to the point that it has been mowed twice.


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I agree with that. Wait to apply weed control until that new seed has been mowed 2 times

and I believe its 'dandelion' with an -e- not a -y- :)
Thanx for the info...... Your are probaly right I never won the spelling B LOL