New semi-DIY truck bed cover project

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    I've been wanting some kind of a way to cover the bed of my truck, to keep my equipment out of the weather, for aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, and for appearances and out of sight / out of mind purposes.

    The problem was multi-fold:
    - There is no such thing as an inexpensive tonneau cover. The cheapest start at 100 and it goes up real quick because 200 dollars is more like it, and for appearances a tarp and duct tape just won't do.
    - Most of the less expensive ones (1-200) use snap rivets, which, I know from experience if you pop that cover off and on a lot you will also be replacing a lot of buttons. Since I've got equipment that has to come in and out of the bed every single yard, so like 8 times a day some portion of this cover has to come off.
    - The really nice zippered ones cost 3-400 and by now we might as well get the real deal because for 5-6-700 I can get a hard cover, but that's a LOT of money!
    - I have a full size tool truck box right behind the cabin, not only does this take up a portion of the bed but none of the covers I saw are ever made with this in mind.
    - Obviously a cap would be nice, but those run 500+ used as well, and once again I can forget my tool box.

    After much searching I found the Tarpeez, $55 shipping and all.
    Connects to the bed with hooks and runs one long continuous bungee all around that holds the tarp in place.
    Good, tough and solid water repellent material.

    - Ordered the short bed version to compensate for the tool box.
    - Ran to hardware store and bought some extra hooks ($4) so I could install the hardware I needed to get around the tool box.
    > Two hooks through the top of the tool box, and two more on either side through the top rail of the bed.
    - Also procured myself a $1 tube of pvc sealant to seal off the holes I made for the hooks going through the top of the tool box.
    - Installation time: 30-45 minutes.
    > Still have to figure out what to do about the center section on either side, used two spring clips for the time being but this portion is normally unsecured... Strange, one would think this will make the cover flap in the wind...
    Oh well, I'll get around to this yet.

    Here is the link to the mfg:
    Other notes: The girl did not come with it.

    Pictures (sorry is a bit blurry):





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