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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bamaturfguy, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. bamaturfguy

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    I am now certified in Alabama for turf and ornamental and in the process of putting together a good business model for 2010. I would love to get some suggestions on a good setup in terms of what herbicides I should use in my skid (100gal), 3 backpack sprayers, and one gallon pump. I would rather stick to gran fert until I get more comfortable in the industry with liquid fert. After PreM apps, my initial thoughts for setup is:

    100gal - TrimecPlus w/sticker
    Backpack - Sedgehammer
    Backpack - Nonselective, roundup
    Backpack - Insecticides or Speedzone
    Pump - MSMA (very conservative)
    25 gallon - Water


    Thanks in advance.
  2. Josh.S

    Josh.S LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What is your average property size? How many properties per round are you treating? How many rounds?
  3. drobin

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    I just finished mt 1st year and this site was a must. Find a knowledgable supplier in your area that will give you great knowledge, pricing, and products.

    Ask specific questions on this site and you will always get your answers.

    Sounds like you have a good plan with your herbicides. . When spraying with a b pack I found having a dye helps with knowing where you covered, sticker spreader is a must, also use a defoamer when refilling. Battery operated b packs are also nice. Get yourself organized. Everthing has a place on the truck/trailer with a mount or use fast straps for machines. where is your fertilizer when it starts to pour and rain and you are out in the middle of a job? Really educate yourself- read alot and pick peoples brains on this site. Ultimately you will not keep your customers if you are not getting results. Here is where your knowledge comes into play. I found that killing weeds is easier than growing grass and preventing crabgrass. Grow thick skin because this tend to have way more issues than cutting the lawn. Products, pricing, equipment, advertising, programs- its a lot but well worth it.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    from SC
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    What is your target turf? There's a world of difference between cool season grass and warm season grass. How long is your growing season (From When to When). You guys are probably close to the SC temps with greenup about the end of March. Pre-em should be down by then. Also, while talking Pre-em: A second or possible third application will be needed for a long growing season and especially when irrigation plays a part in the puzzle.

    Then there is that world of difference between herbicides for warm vs. cool season turf along with fertilize. Not all warm seasoned turf will tolerate chlorine based potassium, type of soil conditions, soil test, pH and on and on.

    Good Luck,
  5. GrazerZ

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    Good for you. I hope you love it. I use a Z and love it. The bottom line is, if you like it, more power to ya.
  6. bamaturfguy

    bamaturfguy LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the feedback. I will have about 90% bermuda lawns and 10% of zoysia and tall fescue. I am mainly struggling with what to put in my big tank. Do I put a most common herb like TrimecPlus, 3way, etc...or liquid fert with herbs in backpacks and other sprayers? Just looking for ideas on this.

    I am in Alabama so we have greenup around mid-late March and start to go dormant this time every year.

    Thanks, really appreciate the people on this board...what a great resource! :waving:
  7. Josh.S

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    Lol, even though you didn't answer my question.... nobody can help you decide what setup you need without knowing these questions:

    How many property's you do, what is the average size of each property, how many rounds you do.

    The reason I am asking this is because I think 100 gallon tank is way small if you are blanket spraying (are you?). If spraying herbs at 2gpk you are only going to cover just over an acre. Maybe all your lawns are like 2k so 100 gallons would be fine, I don't know.
  8. bamaturfguy

    bamaturfguy LawnSite Member
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    Josh, I am only planning to get around 50-75 accounts. I have a small turf farm and spend most of my time operating that. I grow tif419 and GN-1 Bermuda and Meyer Zoysia. I have a pretty good basic knowledge of herbicides and proper fertilizer but still learn everyday on this website.

    So to answer your questions, property sizes will range from 1.5to 3k...some a little larger but this is the main range. I have two plans that I am promoting, 4 app and 8 app plan.
  9. grassman177

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    i have no idea about that there south area, woo. different turf and weeds. but knowing what i do, still sounds like a great arsenal. i dont know aobut trimec plus though if you are already using msma. you dont need to use that much if everythign else is right. i would use a three way in there or equivelent instead for general weed control. i would torch lawns if i used a sticker with trimec plus.
  10. Josh.S

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    Well then 100gal would be fine in that case. If it were me though, I would buy a 250 gallon with a 300-400ft hose. If you get a decent size job (which you probably will) then it is going to suck to refill that tank so much. Two days ago we sprayed a 250k factory... that would be 5 fills for you @ 2gpk. You're area is so different than mine though it's hard to say.

    I can't comment on your herbicides because we deal with different grasses.

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