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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by landscapedesignpros, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. landscapedesignpros

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    I just finished getting the shell of my new shop up. its a 36 by 64 by 16 post frame I will be heating it through in floor heat and I am looking to see what all of you have used for your insulation in your buildings. My plan was to put 2 by 4's on the inside of the posts and then place a vapor barrier and then the dry wall. so you would end up with approx. 8.5" (1.5+5.5"+1.5") cavity inside the wall to fill with blown fiberglass insulation I was going to blow it in from the top of the wall. Has any one ever done this? is there a better way to do this? I would love spray foam but the price tag is outragious I can put the blown fiberglass and finish the inside of my shop for one third the cost of the spray foam.and have double the r value.

    Any thoughts or ideas or suggestions would be great
  2. betmr

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    My thoughts are that over time blown insulation tends to settle. After a few years you have empty cavities up top, and that is where the heat goes, up. I would prefer fiberglass batts.
  3. JB1

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    have you checked into the spray in foam insulation ?
  4. landscapedesignpros

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    I have checked in to the spray foam but it will cost about 8500 to do that or about 2000 for the blown in and thats r19 in the walls and r30 in the ceiling. In terms of settlein i I can all ways add more down the road if it dose settle but the sales guy said that the blown fiberglass dosent really settle and thats why they dont use it normaly in walls b/c it can hang up and creat voids but since I have and 8.5" gap in the walls They think I should be fine I just wanted to see what others have done and liked
  5. iowa

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    Do the spray foam. You will not regret it, especially with a pole building. I built pretty much the same size shop last November. I have a reznor type heater (infrared tube), and it will run for 10 minutes maybe 3 times a day on the coldest day this winter. Heat bill was $75 max, and I contribute most of that to the foam insulation.

    Its definatly worth it in the long run!
  6. iowa

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    Also, when considering blown in and spray foam, think about how foam seals the building pretty much air tight. I know I can not slam the door shut on mine because of how tight the building is. I have to push it shut.
  7. PlatinumLandCon

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    Spray foam it man. I know its big $$$ but personally I'd leave it non-insulated until spray foam was in the budget before doing blown.
  8. UrbanEarth

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    One thing about spray foam is that you don't need as much thickness as the r-value is higher than batt. You can also get DIY kits these days (don't know if the price you mentioned was installed).
    If you go with batt, I really like the Roxul brand. It is mineral fiber so it is a firestop and also slows down air infiltration. Easy to work with as well.

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