New sidewalk = lawn trouble. Help!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by XH2Oskier, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. XH2Oskier

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    The city just put a sidewalk in front of my house, which resulted in a signficant portion of my front lawn getting torn up. They put down seed when they were done, but it didn't do much being so late in the year in Wisconsin and almost the entire area is still dirt. Will I have erosion problems when the snow melts and should I put down more seed in the spring? Thanks!
  2. 1grnlwn

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    Seed may come up in spring, but will probably have to reseed. Keep moist in spring when it isn't raining.

  3. The Mowerdude

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    Chances are that if you're city departments are anything like ours, the seed they put down was annual rye. It germinates quickly and does a fair to medium job of holding the soil together but will only last one season tops. You'll definately need to replant with something that has more life. Of course the trade-off is that germination times are longer, but at least with the rye, you've got something already started.

    Long story short.... I'd definately plant a fescue blend in the spring. AND I'd probably do it yet again the following fall.
  4. bubble boy

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    erosion prob we'd need a pic...more seed won't hurt

    of course for instant results you could sod the area...

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