New sit down sulky/36"aerator

On page 62 of the march 2000 issure of Turf<br>North mag offers a sulky that by sitting on<br>the seat engages a bunch of spoons on a real under your arse.<br>If you stand up the reels disengage.<p>I have a need for a unit like this for my <br>athletic field work.<p>Can anyone from Chicago go to this guys place of business and inspect this unit for myself and the rest of the forum?<p>The name of the manufacture/distributer is<br>Michael Fiore landscaping<br>719 Burchell Ave.<br>Highland Park, IL<br>847-432-8130 (customer service)<p>They have no website but I am sending in the<br>reader reply card for more info. <br>

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