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    Hello ALL...Tim with Wolfsnout here!
    I would like to present to you a great product many of you can use. The Wolfsnout® Dust Mask!

    Originally designed for hot offload desert racing the Wolfsnout® has set the standard. Turns out that this great product fits right in for other applications as well.
    They are super light weight, super easy to breathe through and cooler to use on a hot day when compared to the restrictive land filling through away masks and filters.
    One of the coolest things about the Wolfsnouts is the fact that you can use them wet on a hot day.
    Rinse them out over and over again. Taken care of they can last for years!
    Now that's Eco friendly.
    Find hundreds of reviews and comments on the web.

    Go here to learn more.

    They are 100% made in the USA:usflag:
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    Welcome! I ordered one of your Wolfsnouts and can't wait to get it and try it out. Could you make one with a big toothy grin like on fighter jets? :laugh:

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