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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by vtscaper, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Hey guys thanks for all the feedback. Couple of questions. A couple of you had mentioned the flash detracting from optimization. We are hoping there might be a way around that, since flash is used only on the start up page cant we hide the links to the other pages on this start up page so the searchbots can see them? Second, did anyone else feel that the links to the other job/example pages were easy to look over making it apear that there is only one project to look at? Again, thanks for all the help and if anyone is interested in getting a site up let me know and ill put you in touch with ok+ my brother/web designer.
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    I would remove the splash screen completely. Its a really big turn off to your site because most people just want to get to the point. And what about returning people that have to sit through that each time (unless they bookmark the about page). The white text on the "Services we Offer" page is hard to read but I love that you have before and after pictures. The examples of our work page is almost perfect its just hard to read examples of our work when some of the pictures are shown. Not a big deal but kind of annoys me. Contact page needs to have a form not just an email address hand down. Most people aren't going to click on an email address just because not everyone is computer literate. Either the program doesn't open, its crashes the browser/operating system or it asks you what you want to do. Base all design off the person you know who is the least computer enabled. If they can do it anyone can do it with ease.

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