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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by KG09, Jan 28, 2019.

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    I'm just getting into spraying lawns and trees. I currently have an established customer base for my tree service and quite often am turning away customers that want lawn care spraying and tree spraying done. Wondering if anyone has had any luck with a spray rig that can reach 50ft or higher for tree spraying? Also how many gallon tanks so I won't have to be refilling during the day on a route once I get up and going? I've been leaning toward the northern tool 200 gallon tanks for regular lawn spraying but haven't really found how they would work on tree spraying with an udor long range gun any tried maxing the height out on those tanks? I will be buying two separate tanks to avoid any cross contamination from the tree and lawn spraying. Appreciate any opinions!
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    Two tanks? You mean two separate sprayers, right?
    Too risky to use the same pump, filter, bypass agitation, pressure regulator, and hose--because the herbicide could contaminate the set up and kill your trees.

    Scroll down. Read a few posts on Lawnsite tree care forum.

    Think if a couple self-storing roll out skid sprayers from would suit your needs.

    Talk to Rhett at GregsonClark.
    They have the best tree sprayers. For tall trees you need high pressure and high volume--a very powerful pump--and usually 3/4 inch hose. Plus bigger tank.
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    Make sure your licensed to do turf, 3B, and in some states you need a fertilizer license. If you spray their lawn, seeding and fertilization won't be far behind.
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    Yes I believe for my state its 3A ornamental and turf was the cert I went for along with the core test.
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    I'm doing two seperate sprayers completely to avoid any cross contamination like your talking about thanks for the input! Any luck with GNC sprayers I have a local rep here that I've used for some landscaping and tree supplies in the past. He says 15gpm and 600psi pump with 300ft 3/8 inch hose should allow coverage up to 60ft any thought on that?
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    I am skeptical that a 3/8 hose could deliver anywhere near the required gallonage. Talk to several dealers and listen to what they say--let them compare and compete.
    Read the hose graphs carefully.
    I think that the maximum you could get out of 300 feet of 3/8 hose at 600 psi would be about 2 gals per minute. Probably enough to spray about 6 feet high.
    You need high pressure and high gallonage to reach trees.
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    Find a different Vender! That equipment cost to much to listen to that guy!

    Theoretical Friction loss in 300ft of 3/8 hose at 6 gpm is 660 pounds. Pump can't deliver even that volume. You loose a minimum of 390 psI in the hose at 5gpm. Pump the setup at 490 psi will give you close to 100psi at nozzle. For what it its worth a 5gpm pencil steam at 100psi will get its Ass kicked in a 3mph wind trying to go 25ft up. BTW a 100GPM pump wouldn't matter if the hose can only support 5 GPM. Your tank would be well agitated though.
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    I seldom shoot my spray gun almost straight up but this discussion got me interested. Granted we are talking small spray rig here. But I have a D252 pump, 6gpm, 290 psi max pressure. I haven't seen the actual data on my pump but a lot of pumps produce max gpm at a pressure below max pressure. I have 300ft of 3/8 hose, spray gun Hudson 38505 with Large Orifice 3-8 gpm. Shooting as straight up as possible without getting wet I managed to get just under 30ft. distance was about the same from 200 to 290 psi max output. I think volume did increase minimally but no distance just more drift. almost no wind. 1/2 inch hose would be the minimum I would consider if I was shooting up high.

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