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I need to purchase a new blower for the winter. I'm looking at the Ariens 1336,1332 & the Troy-Bilt 1332. The Troy is 1800. the Ariens are 2229.& 2429. respectively. I have a large area to do including gravel driveways. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated. Since they all use the same engine I guess it comes down to durability and ease of use as the deciding factors more than price as I intend to keep this unit for the long haul.
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I have atroy built no complaints but if it were me I would go buy two at your local building supply store for the same money,(They also may have the same engine) then you will have a backup. Even though I own a troybuilt I don't think that it is going to have a much better life span than my cheaper ones.


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I own a toro 8 hp snow blower. This snow blowr has a clear advantage over every other 2 stage blower on the market. Toros bigger 2 stages have a feature called power shift sytem. This system prevent the snow blower form riding up in heavy snow. To activate this feature all you have to do is shift a lever and the drive wheels shift from being under the blower to behind the blower causing all the weight to shiftto the front. Best snow blower ive ever used.


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We bought our first Honda 621 (4 stroke) single stage snow blower 2 years ago...the thing could pump water out of your basement! We we so impressed with the performance that we bought our second one last year. They go for around $825.00. It's small enough that it takes only one person to load/offload it from the truck, but when it comes to, it can do the work of a two stage snow blower.

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