New sod lawn,New customer= Crabgrass problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kaskov, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Kaskov

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    I just got this customer about 5 weeks ago when he just had a new sod lawn put in by some crew that did his new brick driveway. I don't even think he had a lco do the work, but anyway the lawn looked great at first (of course), but then week after week it started looking more and more like ****.
    I believe the guy he had do this sod job layed all the sod down on crappy rocky soil. But anyway, my customer wants something done right away. I was afraid at first to put some stuff down to kill the crabgrass because it's a new lawn, so I was wondering if I should tell him that I will just rip the crabgrass out in a couple of weeks and reseed. Anybody have any ideas?
  2. Shady Brook

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    Don't put down a pesticide if you are not liciensed for one. Dealing with crabgrass does not sound like it should be priority number one. What are their watering practices? How much rain have you been getting during that period of time? Was the lawn properly fertilized? What is the soil like below the sod? Maybe the lawn is yet saveable, it is hard to tell without seeing it and doing some fact finding. Make sure the lawn can not be saved before you make new plans for it, and if you do, make sure you are well armed on the second go round. I imagine the customer will not be a happy camper if you did a renovation and the job fail.

    Good luck
  3. NickN

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    Crabgrass is no big deal and it's easy to kill.(Make sure it's crabgrass)Spot spray the crabgrass with MSMA or have someone who is licensed do this if you aren't.Apply pre-emergent to the lawn to prevent any further crabgrass seeds from germinating.It's getting late in the season,so crabgrass will become less and less of a problem.
    Pulling crabgrass is useless.If you're seeing crabgrass,then chances are there are millions of other crabgrass seeds waiting to sprout.The installer did nothing wrong,btw.It just happens because when installing sod,any little crack allows sunlight to hit the soil below.If any neighbors have crabgrass,then chances are they blew the seed his way while mowing.
  4. Kaskov

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    My customer does have inground sprinklers and does water every other day for about 30 min. The lawn was never fertilized since he had it installed. As far as the soil beneath, like I said I believe there was a lot of rocks already mixed in the soil before he layed it down.
    What will happen if I just leave it as is? Won't it just die off because of the colder climates in the next several weeks? If so wouldn't it be smarter to just wait a couple weeks and reseed the bare dead areas where there used to be crabgrass?
  5. befnme

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    what time of day does he water?if its 10am - 3 pm 30 mins aint doin nothin.
    he should water no earlier that 6 pm and for atleast an hour.give time for the water to get to the bottom roots of the sod.not just wet the blades.if you only scarcely water any plant it will cause the roots to travel upward to get to the moisture that is there and in turn the heat will kill the root.

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