New Sod & New Sprinkler system, timeline-what do you think?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawncuttinfoo, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. lawncuttinfoo

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    I have a customer that will be installing a sprinkler system and new sod.

    I will be doing the sod, and another company will be doing the sprinklers.

    What would be the easiest installiation?

    Sod first? sprinkler system first?

    I was considering doing the old sod removal then letting the sprinkler system go in then finishing the sod installiation over that. Good idea or no?
  2. RI OHIO

    RI OHIO LawnSite Member
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    That would be the way to do it. Rip out the old sod, install the irrigation then put down the new sod.
  3. hoskm01

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